Name: (Any name you could possibly want for your character)

Gender: (Male or Female. You can also put things like thier age, height, weight, etc.)

Species/Alignment: (See the species list for choices and the Alignment chart. For alignment simply put the initials)

Class: ( First put your class archetype and then the subclass type)

Level: (Your character's level and current XP)

Health Points(HP): (This is your health)

Armor Class(AC): (This is how strong you are against attacks. It is the bonus you get from your armor or shield, your DEX modifier, your size modifier, any natural armor your character has, and any misc. modifiers. Plus a base of 10)

Attack Bonus: (This is a bonus to your attack rolls that is class dependant)

Initiative Bonus: (This is your DEX modifier plus any other modifiers you may have)




Skills: (Write out any skills you have points in and how much of a bonus you get for that skill. This is normally the ranks+Attribute Mod+Racial or Class specialization mods+Misc. Mods)

Languages: (What languages you speak. Every species can speak common)

Appearance: (Here you may write what your character's body looks like. Keep out things like armor and weapons as you will come across these in adventures)

These will be your constants for the most part but try to keep track of any temporary modifiers that change these stats such as if you are using a spell, wearing a magical item, or are in a different mental state. Outside of this you will need to keep a sheet of paper to keep track of your money, the weapon you are using, your armor, and any gear or equipment you may have. You can put weapons in this format:

Weapon Name Attack Bonus Critical Chance
Type Range Ammunition Damage