So first off I hope I'm not supposed to make this a blog post, and I want to thank Snowstripe for making me suddenly want to write a poem :)

This is a poem I wrote for Veil Sixclaw (my version of him) If you'd like to read his story, head over to the 'Accused' trilogy, starting out with 'A Spell Cast' on Redwall Wiki. Links are on my page. ;3 This is really a song and it's written to a tune I made up. lol. It's sort of a different style than I normally write. Veil is the narrator here .. it's from his POV. Hope you like this random thought of mine. :)

Veil is singing from his heart here, I can see him thinking this up while imprisoned by his father Swartt Sixclaw. He's throwing the Redwaller's accusations back at them in a burst of anger and hopelessness, portraying life's cruel ironies. And truly this song is a song of ironies from the point of a supposed murderer, for while (my) Veil did nothing, those at Redwall slandered him and destroyed his reputation, hence the last verse where he orders, "So now tell me whose paw are stained in blood". The song raises an important question in 'Accused' .. who really murdered who?

They say six claws are a mark of shame,

But I never asked to own the name,

And see, who's really the guilty one?

Cause you're to blame as much or more than me.

Talking like it's all my fault,

And like I reveled at the result.

Can I tell you I was just as shocked,

To hear what act of murder I had tried?

Yea I never did one thing,

Jury and judge in a blinded king.

What's the truth and what's a lie?

You all have a life to live,

Why not I?

You know you really ruined me,

Soaked my name in blood for all to see.

Sorry, but I'm gonna say,

You're the real guilty ones!

Now I've got to hide the truth,

Yea, lie to a friend of my youth,

And I really thought that I could love ..

So now tell me whose paws are stained in blood!

Yea I see through the lie,

The guilty live and innocent die,

Wouldn't be worth it to ask why;

You all have a life to live,

Why not I?

(Supposedly by Veil Sixclaw the Outcast) Really by Sayna :)