Barnabas Ironspikes

"Nothin' beats the smell o' blood an' guts in th' mornin'-`Cept October Ale, that is"
Basic info
Owner User:Brigadier Barty
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog
Weapons: Mallet, meat-cleaver
Birthplace: The Northlands
Faction: The Rabblehogs
Stories In: Currently none
RPGs In: The End of an Era


Was born and raised among the Northern Hedgehogs clan known as the Rabblehogs-Rising in the ranks, until finally flooring Rakkato, their previous Chieftain, and gaining leadership of the clan-Waging war against the invading Juskatael and Juskatunn, slaying the ferret Vildro Ashentael, driving the Juskatael out, and then joining forces with the Ides of March, a mercenary band of otters, squirrels and hares, to finally destroy the Juskatunn. He then moves his clan far off into the Northern Mountains, seeking the famed metal and coal mines.


His name is based off "Ol' Ironsides", the nickname of the American Civil War vessel USS Constitution"