Beyond Our Suffering by Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards (A.S.H.E)

I sought my own pleasure,

But may I rot in the firey depths below,

I found at the ocean, my own leisure,

The sound of seagulls soaring above,

Born from a baby crying aloud,

Forlorn in these days all I see is hatred,

May I see a happy day ahead,

Pray only for this war to come to an end,

Trapped in this cage of iron and steel,

Napped about like a dog waiting for a meal,

Tears fall and guts rage in pain,

Fears emerge and anger sets in,

The sight of peace is what I feel in the stone walls surrounding me,

Like a kite shading out the sun on the beautiful earth below,

I sneeze from the sickness and disese from the cell,

A sudden breeze chills my back as sun enters the hall and light has finally been brought back to the world