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Brigadier Barty Brigadier Barty 21 November 2019

The Unwelcome Guest

  • 1 The Nameday Feast
  • 2 Rules
  • 3 Characters
    • 3.1 Woodlanders
    • 3.2 The Heavybag Thieves
    • 3.3 Blackbone's Flock

Redwall Abbey has been in a period of great prosperity since the defeat of the horde of Reias Skildar, some twenty seasons ago on a night much like this one. 

As the wind grew cold and the first snow began to fall, Abbess Verdantian declared the beginning of the Nameday Celebrations. A time beginning with stories, theatrics and song and ending with a great feast in which she would name the upcoming winter season, as has been tradition for countless generations.

Fate, however, had other plans. 

And as the snow begins to fall deeper, you begin to slowly realize just how unfortunate the mistake of your coming here might prove to be.


There are three teams…

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Princess of Mousetheives Princess of Mousetheives 1 August 2019

Creatures of the East RPG

This is my first RPG, so please tell me if I can do anything to improve it.

  • 1 Story
  • 2 Rules
  • 3 Character Sheet
  • 4 Characters
    • 4.1 Jargo’s Army
      • 4.1.1 Wrackfur
    • 4.2 Redwallers
      • 4.2.1 Falkin Aberlane
      • 4.2.2 Other Characters:
      • 4.2.3 Maeus
      • 4.2.4 Malachi MacDougall
    • 4.3 The Long Patrol
      • 4.3.1 Lord Bluestripe the Wild

A new threat has come from the deserts of the far east. Strange creatures have invaded Mossflower, led by cruel but honourable polecat Jargo the Mighty. Redwall, Salamandastron and all residents of Mossflower must band together to defeat this huge army, vermin and woodlanders fighting side by side for the first time in the history of Mossflower. However, it is not fighting that will win this war. With the Redwall army breaking apart due to tension between woodlanders …

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Princess of Mousetheives Princess of Mousetheives 28 June 2019

Songs & Poems

Two seasons ago I'll tell you, twas a tragic time,

For I was writing a ditty, and could find nothing to rhyme!

Some pumpkin soup most orange,

I wrote with my bloomin' pen,

What rhymes with orange? Borringe!

But that's not a word, y'ken!

Descended from yore grandsire,

Row me cullies, row!

I'll give you no answer but,

Row me cullies, row!

I was paddlin' in the stream once,

When I saw a glorious sight,

Twas yore ugly mug all disguised,

And cloaked up in white!

Were yew once a dancer?

Row me cullies, row!

I'll give you no answer but,

Row me cullies, row row row!

The Dibbuns were awoken,

By a sound in the night,

Twas a vermin gang who woke them,

An' they all went white with fright!

Then along came Skipper,

Still in his ole' nightgown,

"Ye don't look quite chipper,"

He …

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Biggren Biggren 9 November 2010

Nytewood, the Forest of Darkness RPG

The forest of Nytewood, a mysterious land to the extreme Northeast of Mossflower Country

The forest is devided from Mossflower by a huge mountain range, from which General Ironbeak in Mattimeo came.

Please stick to BJ's themes, such as:

1. No spaceships or space travel
2. No firearms, such as cannons, pistols and rifles; not even arquebu

s ses, because they are firearms

3. No extremes in technology

Thank you!
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ForrestFighter ForrestFighter 14 June 2016

Radwell Memes

Hello Redwall fans!

I made a facebook page for Redwall memes and their fans.

Come check it out.

Link - [1]

Forest-F.FAdventure calls from over red walls 20:10, June 14, 2016 (UTC)

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Denrael Sabretooth Denrael Sabretooth 3 June 2019

The Red Mist RPG (Rebooted)

  • 1 Story
  • 2 Rules
  • 3 Character Sheet
  • 4 Unplayable Characters
    • 4.1 Werschet Barrera
    • 4.2 Lilia Redtail
    • 4.3 Colonel Higgsby Cooke
  • 5 Player Characters
    • 5.1 Loram Landret
    • 5.2 Dowdl Burrlow
    • 5.3 Jarky Thistlebrush
    • 5.4 Bluestripe the Wild
    • 5.5 Rhiannon "Rhia" Galedeep
  • 6 Groups
    • 6.1 Mossflower Patrol
    • 6.2 Disbanded Long Patrol
    • 6.3 The Breathtakers
    • 6.4 Redwall Abbey
    • 6.5 The Oathbound

A red mist has enveloped Mossflower. War is coming. The Bloodwrath has found its way into both the minds and hearts of other creatures. There are few left who do not enjoy violence. Bloodshed is now common. In Redwall alone, there is a murder almost every week. Salamandastron is the worst, with a murder happening almost every day. With this level of violence, the Long Patrol had to be entirely dismissed, and the wh…

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The Slavers

Northern Mossflower, about noon.

Birdsong floated through the treetops while insects buzzed lazily through the air. The vermin of Ysory Felt's band of ne'er-do-wells laid about the banks of a quiet sidestream off the main River Moss. The young weasel, Lonzza dipped her toes in the water, splashing droplets up into the air, which caught the light filtering through the trees, looking like a spray of small diamonds. The vole family sat tied up round the base of a large tree. Their crow friend had told them that the rat, Lord Algicourt's domain was only a day's journey away. She couldn't wait to get her cut once the slaves had been sold. She was already thinking of what she would buy. Pretty tailrings and necklaces inlaid in gold danced in her …

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Cortez Firebrush Cortez Firebrush 12 January 2017

The Battle of Bornegascar

Two armies- one the Corlovian Republic's Loyalist Army, led by wolf General Coel Finnian, the other the Rebels led by desert spiny lizard Commander Frylmar J. Pierce, have finally decided just where their deciding battle would be- the Peak of Bornegascar, a mountainous jungle terrain wrought with foul swamps, blood-sucking insects, and all other manner of nastiness.

Agreed by way of wired message, the winning side would be whomever could hold the Peak for three days- three days, and the losing side would set down their weapons and surrender to the victor. Would the Loyalists finally quash the last remnants of the Rebellion once and for all, or would the Rebellion finally have a place of their own to call home as well as defeat the oppressiv…

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 17 June 2016

Continuity Errors in Redwall (book)

1. Martin the Warrior was said to have arrived in Mossflower in deep winter, when the Abbey was under attack from vermin. This is strange, seeing as though he was one of its founders. My thoughts are that this was not referring to the Great Mossflower War, rather the events following his journey to find his father Luke. This still wouldn't explain the weather nor Martin's friends' absence, but it does help. 

2. It is mentioned that there is an unwritten law that Redwall mice can go anywhere they please without being harmed, basically having diplomatic immunity. This is because they wear the Abbey's signature green habits. I find this strange because many Redwall travelers don't wear those when they leave or travel, and many travelers are pu…

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 14 June 2016

The Strangening Continues

Okay, so here's a sort of creepy dream that I had. 

In the dream, I was on my chromebook, and I was talking to my Wikia friends, when I accidentally turned on my webcam. For some reason, instead of turning it off, I flipped it around. 

When I woke the next morning, I went to check on my chromebook's battery life and my email, and my webcam was TURNED AROUND. 

Sweet dreams ;)

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Ox Rookbane Ox Rookbane 30 April 2016

Conflux of Time

  • 1 Perforated Heart (Prologue)
  • 2 Book 1: Wrong Place At Wrong Time
    • 2.1 Chapter 1
    • 2.2 Chapter 2
    • 2.3 Chapter 3
    • 2.4 Chapter 4
    • 2.5 Chapter 5
    • 2.6 Chapter 6
    • 2.7 Chapter 7
    • 2.8 Chapter 8
    • 2.9 Chapter 9
    • 2.10 Chapter 10
    • 2.11 Chapter 11
  • 3 Book 2: Conflux of Time
    • 3.1 Chapter 12
    • 3.2 Chapter 13
    • 3.3 Chapter 14
    • 3.4 Chapter 15
    • 3.5 Chapter 16
    • 3.6 Chapter 17
    • 3.7 Chapter 18
  • 4 Book 3: Huntin' and Runnin'
    • 4.1 Chapter 19
    • 4.2 Chapter 20
    • 4.3 Chapter 21
    • 4.4 Chapter 22
    • 4.5 Chapter 23
    • 4.6 Chapter 24
    • 4.7 Chapter 25
    • 4.8 Chapter 26
    • 4.9 Chapter 27
    • 4.10 Chapter 28
    • 4.11 Chapter 29
    • 4.12 Chapter 30

Seasons after Ox Rookbane, Slayer of Ravens, Lord of Salamandastron, had told his story... Problems with his family brew. Being the Badger Lord of Salamandastron had fed the fire of the relationship that was meager and barely floating on the sea.

Lady …

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By Sword and Quill - RPG

It's been nearly a lifetime since Redwall has last seen conflict, since the Great Badger Lord's Council gathered beneath this very roof, sealing an oath between them, in blood and in stone. Lord Axenwood the Kindly, Lady Moonstripe of the Kingdom Over the Sea, and Lord Brauen of Darkenstone, of alike purpose and will sat here in Great Hall as the oath was uttered in unison, their deep voices rumbling with such determined strength, they seemed to shake the very floor beneath our feet! Ah, many and many a sweet season of blissful tranquillity has followed, and I am now greying about the whiskers, soon to pass on the title and job of Abbey Recorder to you, my young  apprentice, before I go to my rest. But I remember the dark days of a lifetim…

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 28 April 2016

War across the Northern Sea

Greetings, ol' traveller! Ye seem tired. Please, sit 'ere. Mayhaps ye could lissen t' me tale, an' rest your paws. I been holding this tale for a long time now, an' have had nobeast to tell it to.

Surprised by my appearance? Don't be. I didn't always look like this, an' it was war, th' same war that tears babes screaming away from their mother's chests, th' same war that sends sons an' brothers and fathers, off t' fight in an unneeded war that they'll never return to, that made me th' way I am. Yes, that is the kind of war that I speak to ye of. I have got scars from a war, as I'll expect many beasts my age have, that I'll keep for the rest o' me life.

Where I come from, there was talk, that many seasons ago, long before I was born, before a…

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The First of Many

From Western Shores to Southern Lands, Mossflower Country to the Far North, the land has fallen to vermin. Dark times are at paw, and heroes are needed. And that, is where the Army of the Moss come in. Made up of the survivors of these war-torn, savaged lands and lead primarily by tribal chieftains and Long Patrol officers, the Army of the Moss intend to break the chokehold the vermin factions have over all, and liberate the land. 

But there are many steps to this long, hopeful plan... and one of those steps, is the capture of the Gorge. The Gorge, a large walled fortress built from what had once been the home of Shang Damsontongue and her foxes in times of old. Seasons ago, an enterprising fox soldier by the name of Runksneer discovered th…

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Ultimate Showdown: Book Edition

Inspired by both the The Deadliest Warrior TV show and by Thornclaw's own version, Redwall's Deadliest Warrior, this blog will regularly offer duels between two or more of the Redwall Series' greatest fighters. These duels will decide who the best warrior, or warrior group, in Redwall history truly is, and will be done without bias and while staying as true to the characters as possible. Audiences will be able to vote on who they want to see face off who next. Feel free to offer suggestions and feedback in the comments!

The two warriors met upon a grassy, sunlit field somewhere in the North, a homeland they had in common. They both bore double-bladed axes too, but it was obvious that that of the big dogfox Balefur was much larger. Any lesser c…

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Reep the Warrior Reep the Warrior 20 April 2016

Grand Champion 2016 - Corsair Voting Brackets

Here we go with the voting :) XDXD In case you missed the title (how you could do that with it in such big font right at the top of the screen, I have no idea. But if you did, congratulations! You are one skilled person XD).
Anyways, it's just like before. Look closely at the characters given in the polls and pick which one is the better character. I don't know if I said this before, but whether or not their a minor character shouldn't affect whether they're good or not. It's how well developed they were in their book for their role/how much you liked them.
'Nuff said. Onwards!

]]Yikes, and Away!!! 02:07, April 20, 2016 (UTC)

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Fallen of Lightning Fallen of Lightning 5 April 2016

Greetings, my fellow Users

Hello, all of you guys! I just learned to make a blog post, and decided to make this one to say hello. 

So hello! XD 

I hope I can be friends with as many people as I can meet here, and I also hope that I can become a working member of the community. :) 

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 1 April 2016

Just Had the Weirdest Dream...

Okay, so I know that we all get these strange dreams now and then, but, considering this one had something to do with the Wiki, I've decided to make a blog post about it. 

Last night, here in Minnesota, while I was sleeping, I had a dream that Blue was dead. 

I'll say that again.

I had a dream that Blue, Bluestripe the Wild, founder of this wiki, was dead. D-E-A-D. 

For some reason, during the dream, I was surfing around here and was looking at some user pages. I looked at Blue's profile box, where it would usually say "BADGER LORD" or something like that, but instead of that, it said the word "DEAD". I saw myself getting pretty sad, and even made a blog post titled both "Farewell, Milord" and "Rest in Peace, Bluestripe :'(". This was because …

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Reep the Warrior Reep the Warrior 23 March 2016

Grand Champion 2016 - Hordes vs Corsairs

You heard it here first folks.
Jk jk, anyways, yeah. I haven't been on wiki all that much lately, due to school, illness (I actually have a cold now dagnabbit), writing //original novels// O.O, and whatnot. Not to mention Marvel. But now I'm back, and picking up a project I started - when - last autumn already? It's Grand Champion 2016 (yes it was II instead of 2016 when I started but since it's been awhile I decided to change it to 2016 and pretend it was supposed to be an annual thing all along).
Now, to get down to business. Here's how it works:

  • 1 How it Works
    • 1.1 Round 1
    • 1.2 Round 2
    • 1.3 Round 3
    • 1.4 Round 4
    • 1.5 Round 5
    • 1.6 Round 6
  • 2 The Brackets
    • 2.1 Corsairs
      • 2.1.1 Foxes
      • 2.1.2 Weasels
      • 2.1.3 Rats
      • 2.1.4 Stoats
      • 2.1.5 Ferrets
      • 2.1.6 Other
    • 2.2 Hordebeasts
      • 2.2.…

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Nikolai Banks Nikolai Banks 31 December 2015

Hey Folks

Hey everyone and everypony, I'm still alive and doing well, so to start thins off, sorry I have been so inactive on chat and on the wiki in general, been hanging out on other wikis, also spent an awesome Christmas last week with my family, got to meet my cousin's boyfriend and his family, they're really nice people, so I am glad my cousin met them, and I got the Sims 4 Get Together expansion pack for Christmas, which is heck of a lot fun, my Sims like to throw parties and get together and stuff, nuff said about that.

Moving on, something I should let y'all know, is I'm a Brony now, been one since late August and early September, when I first started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and to be honest, I love the show and it's cha…

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TheTragedyofE TheTragedyofE 20 December 2015

In the Depths of Marshank

"The Gray, murky Fortress in the Distance? It is called Marshank, a most impressive fortress, at best. It's ruler? His Name Is Badrang the Tyrant, a feared stoat warlord. You should Very well be afraid, Child, for this stoat isn't one to mess with; it was he who slew your and my family. Oh, Do not cry! I did not mean to scare you. But we must be on our way. I do not know your name, but I will take you with me. If we stay too long, we may join those who have already met their dreaded fate."

Taking the wide eyed babe's paw, the elder took a final look at their ruined village. It Badrang who did this; Badrang! The Elderly creature spat at the thought of the name. He will pay! However, now was not the time to think of Revenge. She had a small b…

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Brigadier Barty Brigadier Barty 26 November 2015

In the Wake of the Red Ship

  • 1 Rewrites
  • 2 Rules
  • 3 The Legend of Luke
    • 3.1 Luke's Tribe
    • 3.2 The Crew of the Goreleech
    • 3.3 Slaves of the Goreleech
    • 3.4 Others

This shall be a rewrite of The Legend of Luke, In the Wake of the Red Ship... 

From an in-Universe perspective, the Recorders of Redwall History could hardly have written down purely truth in their Tales. No History book from our world ever was entirely truthful, regardless of how hard the writer tries. 

And thus, Gren and I, the Writers of the Rewrites, the Rewriters, intend to display what truly occured during and between each of the Novels.

But we do not intend to do it alone. The greatest stories have a wealth of different perspectives and different ideas. 

So, great Redwallers, we extend a chance for you to display what truly occ…

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Reep the Warrior Reep the Warrior 14 November 2015

Reep's Characters

OK, since I plan on doing some more stuff on this wiki in the future sometime, and since I have some characters that I only use in RPs, I have thusly created this. I'll add more as I make 'em and use 'em. Some need a little developing, but what the hey, that's part of what RPs are for, right? Anyway, here we go:

Spinner Sabrepaw is a rogue, lover of the rolling waves and salty sea air (not to mention shellfsh stew). He is of noble and courageous heart, though he also tends to be a bit on the kooky and klutzy side.
Weapon:Long sabre, boathook (when available), matching set of daggers.


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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 8 November 2015

The War of Southsward

This will be my second rpg, and it will be on my blog. Enter your characters there.


Not too long before The War of Mossflower, Southsward was facing serious threats as well. The giant golden sable Jotnar the Crusher has come from the far East Coast, and recruiting vermin bands, individuals, mercenaries, and hordes to add to his army of Ravagers. He is planning on taking control of the entire kingdom, and there are few who dare to stand against him. Few, however, is not none. The Southward Resistance Fighters, or SRF, lead by Vermeil the Red Squirrel Warrior, and his sister, Evalynne the White, are amassing an army big enough to take down Jotnar and free Southsward!

Join the…

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 24 October 2015

They Come Together

  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 "Even the strongest and bravest must sometimes weep. It shows they have a great heart, one that can feel compassion for others." 
    • 1.2 "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." 
  • 2 Prologue

Okay, so this story will be different from any other that I have ever worked on, as it is a Redwall story, but it also a Guardians of Ga'Hoole story, and a Warriors story. It will be about the four Clans sending some of their finest warriors off on a mission to a land beyond *ahem* the Southern Kingdoms *ahem*, while the Guardians try to fight a dark force that is unlike any they've ever seen, Redwall Abbey sends their bravest heroes to go across the ocean to this land, and Salamandastron sends it's Long Patrol on a stolen…

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Sirlegoman Sirlegoman 21 October 2015

Rise of the East-RPG

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Character templates
  • 4 User characters

Salamandastron lies empty, the great line of badger lords severed. Vermin hordes roam the land. Evil reigns supreme. Only Redwall still stands, a last bastion of light in the tide of darkness. But across the ocean far to the East a new threat arises. Far greater than any vermin horde. Hang-Wei a rat warlord, leads an armada of warships to conquer new lands for the empire. But can Redwall defeat this new threat or will the last safe haven fall and darkness reign supreme?…


Abbess Lardy- female mouse

Friar Bumpkin- male mouse

Foremole-male mole

Salamandastron remnants (based in the highlands)

Colonel Hawbuck-male hare

Captain Barkley-male hare

Empire of the East (the two dominant races are Ch…

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 3 September 2015

Tales of Corsairs: The Sea Wraith

One gloomy evening had dawned upon the island of Terracaedis, an island which had proved to be the capital of most corsairing. Gambling,ndrinking, fighting, and earning blood money were not uncommon evening activities. I fact, this had earned the isle it's nickname, The Isle of Blood. It was ruled by the searat-greatrat hybrid Queen Scelesta, who, inherited both her father Scrallgan Warfang's Rapscallion army, which guarded her sandstone palace and were the law enforcement of the land, and her mother Captain Navita's fleet of thirty ships, one of which she captained herself, the Stingray. However despite the isle's savage, brutal, shell, it had a culture, which had been combined with all the folk tales of searats. The white vixen Selah was…

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Colby Wildscutt Colby Wildscutt 21 August 2015

Banter Zone

Sort o' blinkin' message board, wot wot!

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Brigadier Barty Brigadier Barty 18 August 2015

The Greatest Threat


  • 1 An Introduction
  • 2 An Explanation
  • 3 Factions
    • 3.1 The Long Patrol of Salamandastron
    • 3.2 The Wave Brethren
    • 3.3 The New Mossflower Army
    • 3.4 The Army of the Royal House of Riftgard
    • 3.5 The Winter Horde
    • 3.6 Shedd Whilfe's Band
    • 3.7 The Rogue Crew

Larson heaved the chest out of the wall cavity and placed it slowly upon the stone floor. With the most utmost respect and professionalism, Captain Ottis Greenbank bent down and dug his fingers into the thin opening between the chest's top and lower rim. And pulled. 

With a long, drawn-out creak that bespoke of times immemorial, the rotting wooden top pulled away, revealing the age-ravaged contents within.

As his companions watched intently, one leaning in closer to shed lanternlight over the chest's insides…

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Colby Wildscutt Colby Wildscutt 15 August 2015

Character Vander Stabbes

Name: Vander Stabbes

Species: Hare

Age: Roughly thirty seasons

Gender: Male

Eye colour: Blue-grey

Fur: Greyish brown, wavy

Appearance: Vander is a well-build hare of imposing height and girth. He walks like a prowling lion, each step calculated to give the most balance and dexterity. His moustachios are waxed and curled and he also has a few curls in his sideburns.

Clothing: Vander favours a kilt, two belts crossed over his chest to stick weapons in, or other useful items, though his weapon of choice is his fists.

Weapons: A sword, sheathed at his waist, and two dirks, one sheathed at his waist, the other behind his shoulder.

Personality: Vander is like a slumbering dragon, a dormant volcano, only needing to be awakened to unleash its full fury. He…

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 10 August 2015

A RWWW Tribute Poem

This is a tribute to all my friends on this wiki (Bluestripe, Barty, Biggren, etc.) and this wiki itself in a poem. 

Oh, the ages of glory passed, 

As have the songs of glee,

We stare at ourselves in the looking glass,

thinking, "Through it all, persevered have we!"


Is this the end, my beloved friends?

Have we met the end of our feat?

Has the flame died out?, yet we cry out,

"Far from the end are we!"


As the heroes of the past sing their last

ballad of the battles won,

They take up their glass, start to amass,

and say "not finished are we!"


We all serve the great Badger Lord,


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WildloughRhulain WildloughRhulain 28 July 2015

Lutra's Sorrow

Lutra's Sorrow- A Redwall/Pearls of Lutra oneshot

Author's Notes: I don't own Grath or any circumstances from Pearls of Lutra, they're property of the late, great, Brian Jacques. Evanescence owns "My Immortal." I wanted to do a piece from Grath's POV, a scene from Pearls the reader never got to see, at least, my version of what I think happened then: when she was inside the holt saying goodbye to her family. I always saw her in my mind as the youngest daughter.

Warning: This songfic/oneshot contains an aborted suicide attempt.

The only survivor from Holt Lutra, I knelt between the bodies of my mother and eldest sister, holding my father's broadsword in my shaking paws. A surprise attack had caught my family unawares. Unable to look up at the …

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 27 July 2015

How we found Wearoat

Riverdell, the Skipper of Otters, most commonly referred to as Skipper Riverdell, Skipper, or Skip, was a big, dark-furred otter, with sable fur. He and his otter crew ad been roaming around Mossflower Wood, taking the River Moss. His crew had told him that in a cave, they heard talking, and since they didn't know what it was, they ran off.

"Well, so ye need me to help ye find out which beast is in that there cave." he said with a sarcasticc tone. " An' I thought I was the Skipper of a tough ol' group of otters. Well, come on now, we best be seein' what's it is." He took his sling and walked with them to the cave where they said they heard the noise. He walked in with them. "I don't hears nothin',mates. You probbly was just hearin' the wind…

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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 16 July 2015

The Mercenaries' War

Hello and welcome to my first ever RPG! This will be, like others, based on vermin, mercenaries in fact, as they betray, slaughter, avenge, and overall bring excruciating pain upon their enemies! No one is safe, and no one is what they seem. Watch your back and good luck!

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 NPCs
  • 3 Your Characters (please put "affiliation: None" on your profile)

  • You can only have one character.
  • Everybeast is on their own at the beginning.You may join NPC bands, but you aren't in one at the beginning.
  • No invincibility. That goes for healing yourself or "friends".
  • If you die, you, and you alone, must describe how you died. No gross stuff like "His entrails were smeared all over the wall".

Grobbrig Silvertongue

Species: Stoat

Afffiliation: Silvertongue…

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Reep the Warrior Reep the Warrior 15 July 2015

Grand Champion II: Corsairs vs Warlords: Nominations

Hello again, everyone! Welcome to the nominations for the second Grand Champion Tournament. If you weren't here for the nlast one, you can read about how it works and about the last tournament at these links:

Grand Champion: A Redwall Character Tournament-How-It-Works and Starting Brackets

Grand Champion: Woodlander Bracket

Grand Champion: Vermin Bracket

Anyways, this one will work in a similar way to the last tournament; except for this time I'm going for sixteen slots for each bracket. Also, instead of me slaving over which characters to include, I'm letting all of you do it and taking nominations ( :P ). If we don't have enough nominations by the time it starts, I'll fill in the rest.
As the title suggests, the two brackets this time around …
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Snowstripe the Fierce Snowstripe the Fierce 8 July 2015


Jarena lay in her bed. She had just given birth to a male ferret - Sawney Rath she had named him. What a pathetic name. Bolas Rath couldn't believe it. He couldn't have a son! It would get in the way, and now he would lose respect because his clanmates would think their leader had gone soft. He would show them. Jethrah the vixen and her apprentice Grissoul had delivered the babe. Bolas took out his huge dagger and flicked dust off of it with his claw. It was a beautiful knife, black snakeskin on the handle, amber forming the hilt, and a huge, pretty blue pommelstone at the end of the handle. Having a son may not be that bad, as long as it grows up away from him. He didn't want to look at it. Perhaps he should employ an old female clanbeast…

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Ferretmaiden Ferretmaiden 24 December 2010

Wolf Pack

Nya Nya~! ^^

and yet another RPG! hopefully it shant die on me like the last few have.

It's basiacly the general Wolf Pack idea. there are ranks, rules, and duties to be carryed out. just make a wolf, and begin!

  • 1 Rules:
  • 2 Vacancies:
  • 3 Cast:
  • 4 Art

the whole point of this is to be a team. you are permitted to have a mate and pups, however, no creepiness going on, alright?

The hunter/Warriors will go out and patrol for signs of rival clans or go hunting.

Mothers attend to the Pups

Pups and elders have no duties, and the fun thing about being an elder is you can be crabby and no one is allowed to bad mouth or talk back to you ~.^

Healers attend to the sick, and to the mothers and elders.

No killing someone from your clan

No Swearing

This isn't anthro, so we do…

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Reep the Warrior Reep the Warrior 14 June 2015

Grand Champion: Final Faceoff and Future Tournament Voting

And the Grand Champion is...
Oh, before I announce; there's something I forgot: All results brought to you by the accounting firm of Blackey and Whitey Galedeep.

Anyways... *drumroll*


Grath Longfletch--28.57%

Romsca wins! Romsca the ferret corsair is the Grand Champion! :D And here's the drawing I made. It was going to be a poster, but I couldn't get GIMP to work right. Ah well.

Oh, and while I'm here: what should my next tournament be? I'm not planning on doing it right away; if not just for a break. I've got several ideas:

]]Yikes, and Away!!! 19:31, June 14, 2015 (UTC)

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Biggren Biggren 9 June 2015

Tales of the Juska: Vulpuz and the Devil

"Have I ever told you the tale of how a Son of Renert defeated Death itself?"
The Juska were huddled together, some in blankets, around a crackling fire. On the other side of it sat the Seer. Silence reigned, and taking this as a cue, the vixen continued.
"Long ago, when beasts died, they passed on into the realm of the Devil, called Hellgates. He was a harsh creature, and tormented those who entered his lands, cursing them to walk through the black ashen plains forever. Heed closely." The young Juska were gathered around, listening to the vixen Maltra as she told her tale. It was a cool evening, and they stared into the flames as the Seer spoke.
"Aye, that was the law of Death; but one day, everything changed!" she spread her paws wide and t…
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The Darkwolf The Darkwolf 21 April 2015

Totally Harmless - RPG

I used to be an active (and totally idiotic) user around two years ago. This is my first RP in all that time, so forgive me for any stupid mistakes. Please. Because, if you don't, I'll wring your neck. Honest.

  • 1 Storyline
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 The Darkwolf/NPC Characters
    • 2.2 Wildy
    • 2.3 Wedgeback
  • 3 Alignments

We start with this bit usually.

So, their you go! Now, we must have characters, eh?

That would be all. Comment, share and all the rest.

Oh, and have fun.

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Wedgeback Wedgeback 17 April 2015

Left Behind 2

I want to encourage you, my friends and mates to donate to the fundraising campaign for Left Behind 2 the movie. Please?

Here is a link to donate-let's make this great movie a reality in summer 2016!

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SaynaSLuke SaynaSLuke 12 April 2015

The Warrior's Beginning

The mighty Lord who owns the blade,

And acquaintance of old,

Will war long with the Lord self-made,

Where sun turns sea to gold.

The warrior maid with golden fur,

Will come and help them fight.

And even when strife is no more,

Lingers sorrow black as night.

Whoever hears and heeds this cry,

To march off into war,

The question is; Who will die?

Whose blood will stain this shore?

This story is dedicated to Brain Jacques, because he had the awesome idea to write this book the first time, and my amazing wiki friends, who have given me much needed help and support.

Thanks everybody! ':'<


  • 1 Author's Note
  • 2 Prologue
  • 3 Chapter 1 Maid of Noonvale
  • 4 Chapter 2 Just a Normal Day
  • 5 Chapter 3 The Sword
  • 6 Chapter 4 The Magician Returns
  • 7 Chapter 5 An Oath of Vengeance
  • 8 Chapte…

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Brigadier Barty Brigadier Barty 4 April 2015

A Rewrite of Redwall: Loamhedge

  • 1 History is written by the victors
  • 2 Rules
  • 3 Redwall Abbey and Allies
    • 3.1 Lonna Bowstripe
    • 3.2 Bragoon
  • 4 Raga Bol's Crew
  • 5 Burrad's Gang
    • 5.1 Raspentail
  • 6 Others

In this RPG, users will be tasked with a single goal- To together craft a new version of the Redwall tale known as Loamhedge.

History is written by the victors, and there is not a doubt in my young, lively heart that The Tales of Redwall are th same.

How else to explain the foolishness and ineptitude of the vermin, the scarce casualties and little villainy of the woodlanders, the sudden strokes of luck and the strange errors, mistakes and curiosities of the books? We shall recreate Loamhedge, which has often been seen as one of the weaker books, armed with our creativity and our visions of a greater sto…

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Brigadier Barty Brigadier Barty 28 March 2015

Redwall Wars: A Deadly Turn

  • 1 Contestants
    • 1.1 Slaver Team
    • 1.2 Slave Team (Full) 
  • 2 The Deaths

  • Cawn, male stoat.
  • Rosebrush, female fox.
  • Virago, female weasel.
  • Zinnd, male fox.

  • Azul, female fox.
  • Dorian Strykeclaw, male wildcat.
  • Jujubee, male squirrel.
  • Muddjak, male water vole.
  • Ragaragh, male river rat.
  • Spinner, male mouse. 
  • Wetherlow, female vole.


It'll soon be that time of the week, mateys...

The death post'll be Friday. So for now...

Let's vote, eh?

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Brigadier Barty Brigadier Barty 24 March 2015

Redwall: Survivor

I'm sure many of us have heard of Redwall: Survivor , the legendary contest in which audiences not only recieve an engaging storyline woven by the Contestants, but the right to poll who they want "voted off" (Or as the more realistic people prefer to call it, "Most likely dead") next , following a series of unfortunate events.  

So, dear friends and users of our fair Wiki, I wish to ask you this: 

Would you yourselves like a Contest of said sorts? 

Contestants would be required, as would voters, of course, and the storyline would develop as time goes on, with one contestant character dying/leaving the Contest each week, if we would decide to follow the Survivor formula. 

It would be tough, yes, and it would be cruel, seeing all those characters …

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Brigadier Barty Brigadier Barty 24 March 2015

The (Should-have-been) Conqueror of Redwall Abbey

Personally, whom do you think should have actually conquered Redwall Abbey, rather than fail as the Redwall Universe would rather have it?

And if they had succeeded in their conquering, how do you think they would have changed Redwall Abbey and used those residents living within?

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Wedgeback Wedgeback 27 February 2015

The Return of The Scourge

Please don't judge me, this is my first attempt at a very good fanfiction!!! I am combining elements from Mattimeo and a bit from Loamhedge along with my won writing, so please cut me some slack!

Chapter I The Reunion

Vitch lay on the slope of a hillside, overlooking the ruins of Malkariss, gasping for air. He had somehow gotten the bolas of Slagar The Cruel off his neck, and now he was gasping breath back into his body. As life seeped back into his body, he felt refreshed, finally whole again. Rubbing his neck, the young rat got to his feet and looked down towards the well, where Slagar The Cruel had fallen into and died a horrible death. "Hello, what's this," he said, running down the slope, to where something bright glinted. Lying there w…

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Wedgeback Wedgeback 24 February 2015

Book Review: Rakkety Tam

I read Rakkety Tam in late September 2013. My cousin Abigail, a Redwall geek reccomended it to me. 


The plot of Rakkety Tam was good. I loved Gulo the Savage and the endless suspense


Good characters :)

All in all I give it 4.5 stars

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Maudie Thropple Maudie Thropple 16 February 2015

Musings of an Aimless Poet

A little introduction: I've seen a few other people write posts with their poetry, songs, rants, etc. that aren't necessarily Redwall specific, so I guess that's an okay thing to do? And I guess I'll do it to :3 I've posted poetry a few other places before, but I don't know people on those sites, so if anybody reads them, which they may not on here either, then it'd be nice if I knew them and could ask what they think ^_^

Anyway, I'll just stick up a few of my better poems, and if even one person reads them, and relates, or is encouraged, or smiles, or mildly enjoys it, just one person, it won't be in vain :3 

The Violin’s deepest vibrato

Causes the eager heart to race,

Stirring emotions

Deeper, vaster than oceans-

There reaching the innermost gro…

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Biggren Biggren 3 January 2015

The Northern March

This page is an archive of sorts for the comments prior to the rest of this RPG, which can be found with the following link: User blog:Biggren/The Northern March Original

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