Boar is a male weasel, and a former corsair-turned-mercenary. He has yellowish fur, and has been known, back in his homeland, the Northlands, to have his fur turn white in winter.

Boar the Mountain Weasel
Vital statistics
Title The Destroyer (Former)
Gender Male
Race Weasel
Faction None so far
Health Good
Level N/A
Status Mercenary
Location Mossflower Woods
Around the time he became an adult, he joined a corsair crew, and became quite good at it, using his family's claymore to give himself a name: Boar the Destroyer. He at an unknown point became bosun of the ship Bloody Barnacle. However, in a sea battle, his ship was hit with fiery arrows, and took ablaze. In order to save himself, he abandoned ship, and swam to shore, where he gave up seafaring for good, and decided to set out around Mossflower, in hopes of uncovering the secret desires of Moran Deathspear the Warlord, who at the time, was recruiting mercenaries, bandits, and vermin of all backgrounds.

Owner: Snowstripe

Weapons: claymore, double-edged dagger

Appears: The Mercenaries' War

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