Branna Deadrigg

Species: Stoat/Ermine

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Clothing/Appearance: Deadrigg's a tall, lean stoat with dark sable fur when she's in her summer coat and a torn left ear. Her right ear's missing, lost in a battle many seasons back, a battle that also claimed her left eye. Her socket's covered by a musselshell eyepatch. The stoat's body is littered with countless battlescars, she counts them as badges of honor. She wears a worn brown kilt, a black tunic and dark brown vest, and a crimson kerchief around her neck.

Weapons: A belt of throwing daggers, a claymore

Personality: Cold, cunning

Commands: the Captain's Daughter

Appears in RPGS:

1: First appearance: Tavern_of_the_Rusted_Claw

2: The Mercenaries' War


The Mercenaries' War occurs before Tavern of the Rusted Claw in Branna's character timeline