Species: Weasel

Origins: North Mossflower

Weapon: A Rusty Old Cutlass

Appearance: About 35 season old male weasel, has a leather belt with a cutlass. He has small leather shoes. He has golden earrings, and a silver necklace. He wears nothing else.

Personality: Odd for a weasel, for he has some kindness in him. He decided long ago not to act like a vermin, even though he was born to be one. He is cunning, smart, and sneaky. He knows how to lie. He is also somewhat of a glutton, and he eats quite a lot. He likes apples, fish, and berries mostly. He also is very skinny, which contradicts his eating habits.


Burglebuber was born in the northern outskirts of mossflower, in a cave. When he grew up, he began wandering with a small band of vermin raiders, seeking riches. One day, they mutinied, and eventually were all killed by larger hordes. His would be mate was later killed by crows, and he began wandering alone. Eventually he reached Northern Mossflower again, and met up with some more weasels. This formed 'Burgleband'. A small band of weasels living in a cave. They number about a hundred in all, not including the babes. This is where he lives to this day, fishing and farming.