On this page you can let the our RWW community know about your unusually insane plans for Christmas, and we can give you ideas to improve it!

  1. Thorn is going to take his trusty M24 sniper rifle and shoot down Santa! In case Santa Claus has some nasty surprises, he has a Benelli Super-90 shotgun, a machete, an Uzi, two ballistic knives, and several Semtex grenades to continue the fight. He has also called a former Israeli Commando to help him in the fight.
  2. Lathagarr when he visits Santa will sit on his lap (I don't think he'd like me sitting on his lap but oh well) and ask for a trillion dollars in gold. If Santa doesn't give it, guys just think about it, I mean between us all there's got to be some good plans... heh heh...
  3. Sister Armel Is going to dispose of Santa's top Elf Gary then take out Mrs. Claus and her evil cookies of death, then she will go door to door and eat the cookies and milk set out for Santa before he can get to them.
  4. Jadefang is going to do the most wonderfully delightful things with Santa in December! Which definitely involve sinister schemes, explosive things, illegal weapons, deadly poison, dying elves, broken toys, stolen presents, crying children, and other dangerous stuff. No, she is not the Grinch planning to steal X-mas.
  5. Bluestripe is going to travel to the North Pole, tie Mrs. Claus up and throw her in a closet after gagging her. He will sneak up on Santa and replace his limbs with mechanical parts to create Cyborg Santa! With Cyborg Santa at my side, all the children on the Naughty List (including Richard) with receive a nice little visit from everyone's favorite fat guy! They will be taught the error of their naughty ways. Merry Christmas, everyone! >:)
  6. Neil is going to say Merry Christmas on Christmas and celebrate it for what it is. P.S. Are we skipping Thanksgiving? xD [Thorn's Note: Yes, yes we are.]
  7. Rawfan56 02:28, November 13, 2010 (UTC) I'm going to tie up Santa and mrs. Santa to make a army of elves to destroy and conquer!
  8. Talan is not going to do anything asides from the usual, seeing as we don't celebrate Christmas (commandment not found in the bible to celebrate, and also, Christmas traces it's roots down to the pagan Mithras winter solstice rites...) [Thorn's Note: Yes, I knew that. My best friend is pagan and I perform rituals with him.] [Neil's Note: Christmas is commonly referred to as the "Baptism" of the Mithras winter solstice. Thus, it may be traced back to the pagan rites but its purpose is not relevant to paganism.] [Seg's Note: Christmas is used to celebrate Jesus' birth and when He came to the Earth...but the people who set the date for the holiday put it on December 25th because it would be easier for people to get used to since many pagan holdiays were on that day] [M2's Note: King James I of England made up the entire holiday so he didn't have to take away the winter solstice, which would have angered the people. But Christmas has such a cultural signifigance that even atheists celebrate it.]
  9. Segalia is going burn down the shopping malls then enjoy a nice pleasant day at home.
  10. Snowie is going to set the Christmas decorations of penguins and polar bears on fire and leave the ones that actually have anything to do with Christmas (Nativities, Santas, ect.) alone on her block. She is then going to put motion detectors around the fireplace that play a loud, obnoxious voice saying "warning, the emergency destruct system is now activated." On Christmas morning, she is going to give her parents underwear and her brother a copy of Mattimeo (which will make him very angry). Then she will heap a lot of dead wood in her front yard, build a stable out of it, and then set said stable on fire and sing Silent Night from on top of her roof. After that, she will watch Prince Caspian and then go with whatever plans her parents had.
  11. HiPiza will steal Comet or Vixen and replace them with stolen hippos from the zoo. Then she will steal Mrs. Claus until Santa gives her a real live Waddle Dee! Then she will steal all the Christmas presents until Santa gives her a million dollars. Then when she comes home with Comet or Vixen, her Waddle Dee, and a million dollars, she will let her younger sister hack on her account. Then HiPiza will force Jadefang to teach her how to make links because HiPiza forgot.
  12. Dewface Is going to get an ipod touch and use the powers of the ipod to go on RWW instead of fighting for the computer with the rest of her siblings and then is going to have a chistmas party