A quest of vengeance, a quest of war, this is the story of a kestrel and an otter along with one of the most unlikely beasts. Come hear a tale of war, friendship, and vengeance.

Author Notes:

This is a collab team written by Nashog and WildloughRhulain. It was posted here instead of as a blog so both users could access and update it. With a blog only one user can.


A kestrel flew over the path scanning the ground below. The path was covered in snow and he was blinded by the sun reflecting off it. Below, a tall otter was heading west toward the ford. They had heard from the Abbeybeasts that a group of vermin led by a stoat had camped there.

Kiath O'Rallaghaigh was whistling until the kestrel landed next to her.

"I can see smoke ahead, we are getting close." the kestrel said in a low voice.

The otter gritted her teeth. She reached behind her and pulled a well-used claymore from its sheath over her back. "Tarnfalk, ah dinnae intend tae leave any o' the scum alive tae do their dirty work." Her accent grew stronger as her normally-emerald eyes turned a deep crimson.

"Well I didn't either but let's no' make it too loud now. Don't want t' wake the entire woodlands." Tarnfalk dug his talons deeper into the snow.

Kiath grinned sadistically and nodded. "Aye, we dinnae want tae take that risk. Ah've got payment for each lash on mah back, each scar frae the chains ah had tae wear. Et's ri' here." She held her sword over her head.

He just nodded knowing this was when she was at her most dangerous. He had learned of her slavery long ago and had helped kill the wildcat that had enslaved her. He usually didn't get anywhere near her when she was like this even though he doubted the otter would harm him after two seasons of traveling and fighting together.

Two seasons ago, they had met.

Kiath had been brought to the cat's compound where she had broken out killing two guards with her bare paws and teeth. She had seized the sword from one and had sworn revenge.

As they rounded the corner the camp at the ford came into view along with five stoats sitting around a campfire laughing and eating breakfast.

The Highlander stiffened. Her eyes blazed with a savage crimson fire as she raised her claymore over her head. The kestrel took to the air letting out a harsh "Kree" and flew towards the vermin.

Kiath was already sprinting forward as she took a deep breath and bellowed her warcry at the tops of her lungs. "HAWAAAY THE BRAAAAAW!"

Tarnfalk watched as the vermin scrambled to get their weapons and then Kiath was among them. The otter's claymore flashed like lightning as she made one powerful swing. . . Three stoats looked into her eyes and saw the fires of Hellgates.

A second later, their heads hit the ground and their bodies followed. The last stoat, a female, gave a scream as Tarnfalk dug his talons into her face and forced her to the ground. He leaped off her and then plunged his razor like beak into her neck silencing her forever.

Kiath turned, venting her rage on the tent, tearing it to shreds and revealing a baby stoat inside. It started crying.

Tarnfalk, getting off the stoat, came over and looked inside. He started shaking slightly.

Though the otter's eyes were still cold as she looked at him, their redness was slowly abating. "What dae ye ken ah dae a'the noo?"