Name Pronounciation: Come-eye-nya

Nickname: "Shadowaxe"

Species: Marlfox

Gender: Female

Age: 27 seasons

Weapons: Carries a large double-headed axe for close range combat, and she carries a quarrel of crossbow bolts and a crossbow over her left shoulder for distance use.

Personality: Cunning and treacherous

Family: Sahaz and Voltan (brothers), descendent of the family of High Queen Silth

Appearance: Shadowaxe's fur is so dark it looks almost black at times. She has a tall, rangy build; her intellect makes up for any muscle she might lack. Her eyes, unlike those of her family, have an occasional odd, almost pale blue glint in them. As well as her usual mottled cloak, she wears a gold chain with a pendant hanging from it, a tiny, elegantly detailed pair of crossed axes.

History: Born in a time when the breed of Marlfox was thought to be extinct, Comyna is a descendant of the unknown sister of High Queen Silth, and has possessed the natural abilities of her ancestors from the minute she was born.

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