This page was created to uncover the full story behind my character who I will be using in RPGs later. (He's a wolf and he does have something against weasels)


Demetrius, later known as GreyStripe, Came to Mossflower Seemingly out of no where. He constantly carries his Longsword where ever he goes. He is very good with the tools of his trade and has an odd fighting style. He distrusts strangers and gets suspicious very easily. He is an orphan, ever since his father died in battle against pirates and his mother murdered. Leaving for who knows where, he eventually ended up washed ashore south and ever since he has lived in Mossflower.

Impressions and Personality

He is usually quite grim, with spots of sarcastic humour, but he often sticks his nose in other peoples business. Despite being a skilled warrior, he doesn't hurt for fun. He hurts to push forward and for occasionally, revenge. He rarely fancies himself with the ladies, not being the type to make risky relationships that could be used against him. He does join groups sometimes of course, but he is a very wary person, and extremely stressed.

Skills and Appearance

He has gray and white striped fur and is usually seen with chainmail and shoulder guards, with an iron-brimmed shield strapped on his back and a steel, long sword at his belt. Closely blended with the rest of his clothing, which no one ever sees, is a broad knife which resembles a short sword, and a small throwing knife in a strange double knife scabbard. He seems to know many things and people never seem to know everything about him, not that they know much.