Durb Lathagarr
Basic info
Owner Corbus
Gender: Male
Species: Rat
Weapons: His own special bow with a small amount of oil to light up flaming arrows and a vial of poison for them.
Birthplace: Black Cod Bay, Arundell
Faction: Akila(former)
Stories In: Corbus Quick-Blade, Where It All Began,Just Another Vermin
RPGs In: None yet


Was a foot soldier of the Akila tribe. He became almost instant friends with Corbus before he was respected by the tribe. When Corbus was almost killed he saved him from death before his brother could strike the final blow. At first Durb did not think it would be possible to redeem themselves after all they had done but he eventually helped Corbus turn a new leaf.


Grey fur and a little on the fat side. He usually wears a green tunic and a quiver on his back with a bag on the side.


A good friend to Corbus, will always stay at his side no matter what. Is a master archer that almost never misses. He is also a very sociable creature and is good at meeting and making new friends and allies. Has a good sense of humour and is happy most of the time. In areas where Corbus fails Durb usually has some skill, making them a good match.