In honor of the Shoutbox *sob*. By the way, it is copywrited by me, Snowpaw the Wild.

In your colossal halls we met

And there memories made.

On my oath, I’ll never forget;

All the good times will never fade.

Did I know the friends before

The Shoutbox brought us close?

But now comes grief, for ever more

It will be our loss.

Forever fresh in memory

The battles won, the debates we had,

O Shoutbox, we’ll remember thee,

Though the thought shall make us sad.

You box of shouts, I honor you.

Your run was brave and strong.

Now we all have seen you through;

To you I sing this song.

We witnessed with our frightened eyes

That final, fatal stroke

Which nearly ended all our lives –

Stabbed cruelly in the back.

Now in the grave of an unknown soldier you lie,

For you were little known:

But know that throughout all of time

Our memories you shall call home.

We'll miss the Shoutbox! Take that, Wikia!

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