Garond the Claw
Basic info
Owner Llamao
Gender: Male
Species: Wildcat
Weapons: His sharp unnaturally long claws, and a sharp ended war hammer
Birthplace: Marlfox Island, on the Great Inland Sea
Faction: The Viper Army
Stories In: None
RPGs In: Embrace of the Viper


Garond was born in the Southwest Lands with only a cruel father to raise him. Originally not part of any vermin army or group, he joined a small vermin band following the murder of his father by a group of Long Patrol hares. At first, he earned some respect by selling poisons and other such inviters of death. Later on, he gained position and ranking in the Black market of the Southwest Lands, especially improving his combat skills. However, once he became supreme overlord of the corrupted scheme, creatures started rebelling, and they threw him out, scarred and filled with hatred. He spent the next four seasons spying on his enemies and recruiting allies. Finally, the day of reckoning came, as Garond destroyed his enemies. His army grew over time, and he soon moved towards Mossflower Country, his army ever expanding. He eventually reached Salamandastron, and using similar tactics of his ancestor, Ungatt Trunn, he took over the mountain. He was killed soon after by Ferus Haraldr, the rat who also had his sights set upon the mountain.


He wears a flowing purple silk cloak that is attached around the neck by an emerald circle, symbolizing the emblem of the Viper. His fur is a tanned color with darker brown stripes running along his body. He has a tall and muscular posture to give himself the regal appearance, and is quite tall. Other than this, he also wears metal bands on his wrists in battle, most of which are spiked.


Garond is a skillful commander, being a descendant of the Earth Shaker himself, Ungatt Trunn. Following in his ancestor's footsteps, he conquered the great mountain fortress of Salamandastron, which only served to increase his level of ego. Usually self-absorbed and toying with his long claws, Garond makes the impression that he is not paying attention. But he has a very keen focus, usually never getting distracted by anything, allowing him to rule cleverly and and fearfully. Unlike most vermin rulers however, he does care for each one of his soldiers, with a few exceptions, considering each stupid little mind is valuable to increase the population of his army and create a more intimidating horde.