Hello all! The other-oooohhhhh-say, week or so, I was perusing the news blog on While I was there they were hosting this thing they called "This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament" [1] . At first I had no interest whatsoever in it, but as I looked closer,I thought: "Hey, this is cool". Then I thought: "Why don't we have one of these for Redwall?"
And so, after MUCH deliberation, I present to you "Grand Champion: A Redwall Character Tournament"! Read on to discover how I'm making it work. I hope it's good :)

How It Works

OK, so here's how I worked the thing (It took me about 2 weeks to do this, so cut me some slack if I get you confused about somethin'. I can post a chart too, if it'll help :) Anyways Here we go:


We start out with 2 brackets, Woodlander and Vermin. Each Bracket has 48 characters. These characters are paired up by species and-to some extent-character personality (to see these matches and divisions, see below) Anyways, this makes 24 matches. I'll post these matches as polls; then you guys will vote for the character you like best. The winners will then move on to Round 2, and so on...


Now we have a total of 24 characters and 12 matches


12 characters, 6 matches, etc etc.


Down to 6 guys and 3 matches.


Now things get a little interesting. Since 3 doesn't divide very well, we have to hold a character back for the next round. I figure the best way to figure out who is to draw them from a hat or somethin'. If you have a better idea, though, please tell me.


The final round of the bracket! The winner is the Grand Woodlander/Vermin, and will go up against the top other guy to determine the Grand Champion!

Starting Brackets

And now, prreeeesennnntimg, the characters! It took me quite a while to figure out which beasts to put in here. If we all agree that these characters are fine, I'll proceed with the tournament. Otherwise I can rework it a little. HERE THEY ARE:


The Woodlanders have 9 groups. 6 groups have 6 characters, and 1 has 4, and the last has 2


    • Martin The Warrior
    • Matthias

    • Laterose
    • Mariel Gullwhacker

    • Luke the Warrior
    • Joseph the Bellmaker


    • Sunflash the Mace
    • Lord Brocktree

    • Cregga Rose Eyes
    • Bella of Brockhall

    • Russano the Wise
    • Urthwyte the Mighty


    • Rakkety Tam MacBurl
    • Ranguvar Foeseeker

    • Trisscar Swordmaid
    • Sarobando

    • Dannflor Reguba
    • Samkim


    • The Mask
    • Folgrim

    • Grath Longfletch
    • Zaran the Black

    • High Queen Tiria Wildlough
    • Finnbarr Galedeep


    • Basil Stag Hare
    • Boorab the Fool (this was Laird Bosie McScutta, but I changed it)

    • Mad Maudie (the Hon.) Mugsberry Thropple
    • Hon Rosie

    • Buckler Kordyne
    • Captain Rake Nightfur


    • Abbess Tansy
    • Posybud

    • Orkwil Prink
    • Umfry Spikkle

    • Gurgan Spearback
    • Ambrose Spike


    • Grumm
    • Arula

    • Young Dinny
    • Foremole (the one in Redwall and Mattimeo)

    • Axtel Sturnclaw
    • Egbert the Scholar


    • Log-a-Log (in Redwall and Mattimeo)
    • Guosim

    • Dippler
    • Flib


    • Mumzilla O'Cubbacutch (Mumzy)
    • Yoofus Lightpaw


The Vermin have 8 groups of 6 characters.


    • Cluny the Scourge
    • Gabool the Wild

    • Damug Warfang
    • Gruntan Kurdley

    • Ripfang (the one from Lord Brocktree, as it seems that they're actually two different guys)
    • Raga Bol


    • Slagar the Cruel
    • Nightshade

    • Rasconza
    • Plugg Firetail

    • Mokkan
    • Farran the Poisoner


    • Swartt Sixclaw
    • Vallug Bowbeast

    • Romsca
    • Veil Sixclaw

    • Princess Kurda
    • Grand Fragorl


    • Ferahgo the Assassin
    • Klitch

    • Eefera
    • The Wraith

    • Bootbrain
    • Wurgg the Spinecracker
(I know these two are kind of minor characters, but I ran short on interesting weasels with larger roles)


    • Badrang the Tyrant
    • Tramun Clogg

    • Vilu Daskar
    • Barranca

    • Crumdun
    • Gruven Zann


    • Tsarmina Greeneyes
    • Ungatt Trunn

    • Riggu Felis
    • Gingivere (This was Verduga, but Darkwolf suggested I put Gingivere in somewhere, so I put him here since Verdauga wasn't a major character)
    • Pitru
    • Kaltag

Reptiles and Amphibians

    • Asmodeus Poisontooth
    • Baliss the Slayer

    • Zassaliss, Harssacss, Sesstra (since they were kinda attached I included them in the same slot)
    • Lask Frildur

    • Marshgreen
    • Glogalog


These are the vermin whose species weren't enough to make a full group.
    • Gulo the Savage
    • Razzid Wearat
These two below don't have much in common, but I wanted to include them and thus are matched. I was considering Malkariss, but cut him in favor of Ublaz.
    • Shadow
    • Ublaz Mad Eyes

    • Zwilt the Shade
    • Vilaya the Sable Quean

And there you have it! As long as everyone's in agreement over the starting brackets (You are the ones voting for the Grand Champion) I'll get the first round up (hopefully; I never know if I'll have the time) within the next week.
Thanks for reading this; please comment!
Note: I have added the brackets now. Here they are:
Woodlander:Grand Champion: Woodlander Bracket
Vermin: Grand Champion: Vermin Bracket

Update List

If you wish to receive a notice when a round has been finished or is starting, sign here:

I do! (and how come no one likes Bootbrain but me? hmm .. probably because he's not in their fanfics ..) jk jk X3 Sayna the daughterof Luke 03:02, May 8, 2015 (UTC)

I like this sort of thing! Why not? - Snowstripe Urthstripe (1) You're always welcome at my mountain.


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