Round 1

Now presenting the woodlander results!


Martin the Warrior--71.43%


Martin beats Matthias! Kinda expectable (if 'expectable' is a word), when ya think 'bout it.


Mariel Gullwhacker--62.5%

Mariel wins against Rose.

Luke the Warrior--57.14%

Joseph the Bellmaker--42.86%

Luke continues! This was a tie, and an especially hard one to break at that.


Sunflash the Mace--55.56%

Lord Brocktree--44.44%

This was another tie. *sigh* It seems I'm doing a lot of these...

Cregga Rose Eyes--71.43%

Bella of Brockhall--28.57%

Cregga moves on to the next round!

Russano the Wise--60%

Urthwyte the Mighty--40%

Russano wins!


Rakkety Tam MacBurl--33.33%

Ranguvar Foeseeker--66.67%

Ranguvar continues.

Trisscar Swordmaid--33.33%


Sarobando moves on.

Dannflor Reguba--66.67%


Dann wins! We sure have a lot of this particular percentage, don't we?


The Mask--55.56%


The Mask (who, as I now realize, has the real name of Riverwyte) moves ahead to the next round.

Grath Longfletch--71.43%

Zaran the Black--28.57%

Grath moves along. And I could've sworn that Zaran would win instead.

Tiria Wildlough--55.56%

Finnbarr Galedeep--44.44%

The High Rhulain wins.


Basil Stag Hare--85.71%

Boorab the Fool--14.29%

You Basil people are lucky this wasn't a tie, 'cause I would've picked Boorab. Then again, if it was a tie some of the Basil people wouldn't be Basil people, they'd be Boorab people. Hmm.

Mad Maudie (the Hon.) Mugsberry Thropple--33.33%

Hon. Rosie--66.67%

Hon Rosie moves on.

Buckler Kordyne--20%

Rake Nightfur--80%

Rake Wins.


Abbess Tansy--100%


Tansy wins unanimously.

Orkwil Prink--100%

Umfry Spikkle--0%

Orkwil overtakes Umfry in another hedgehog landslide.

Gurgan Spearback--57.14

Ambrose Spike--42.86%

Gurgan moves on.


Grumm Trencher--71.43%


Grumm wins!

Young Dinny--100%

Foremole (Redwall, Mattimeo)--0%

Young Dinny moves to the next round with 100% support.

Axtel Sturnclaw--75%

Egbert the Scholar--25%

Axtel beats Egbert.


Log-a-Log (Redwall, Mattimeo)--100%


Log-a-Log wins.



Dippler moves along to the next round.


Mumzilla O'Cubbacutch (Mumzy)--71.43%

Yoofus Lightpaw--28.57

And Mumzy wins!

As you can see, I've decided, at least for right now, not to make a progress chart. I tried to draw one, but the first round had too many matches. I'd try to code one, but I don't know how. If you know a way I could pull that coding bit off, please leave me a message.

Round 2

Round 2 voting is up!

Martin the Warrior--40%

Mariel Gullwhacker--60%

Wow. Martin lost. Like I said before, I'm not exactly surprised, though it was a little unexpected. This should spice things up a tad.

Luke the Warrior--40%

Sunflash the Mace--60%

This was another hard tiebreaker *sigh*. Oh well.

Cregga Rose Eyes--100%

Russano the Wise--0%

Cregga wins by a landslide!

Ranguvar Foeseeker--75%


Ranguvar wins.

Dannflor Reguba--25%

Riverwyte (the Mask)--75%

Mask beats Dann.

Grath Longflecth--100%

High Rhulain Tiria Wildlough--0%

Grath is victorious! Gee, and I thought at least somebody would vote for Tiria.

Basil Stag Hare--25%

Hon. Rosie--75%

And Basil hath lost to Hon. Rosie. This is one I didn't expect. Thoough Hon. Rosie IS a good hare character.

Rake Nightfur--60%

Abbess Tansy--40%

Rake Nightfur beats Tansy.

Orkwil Prink--33.33%

Gurgan Spearback--66.67%

Gurgan wins!

Grumm Trencher--33.33%

Young Dinny--66.67%

Dinny hath wonneth.

Axtel Sturnclaw--75%

Log-a-Log (Redwall, Mattimeo)--25%

Axtel beats Log-a-Log.


Mumzilla O'Cubbacutch (Mumzy)--25%

Dippler wins against Mumzy! Though Mumzy was a good character, I'm kinda glad she's out. Her full name is quite exasperating for me to type XP

Round 3

Mariel Gullwhacker--60%

Sunflash the Mace--40%

And out goes Sunflash, beaten by Mariel. Which is too bad , because Sunflash was one of my favorite characters, and I was hoping he would get farther. Oh well, maybe we'll have a badger tournament sometime XD

Cregga Rose Eyes--60%

Ranguvar Foeseeker--40%

*sighs wearily* Another tricky tie! Come on guys XP

Riverwyte (Mask)--25%

Grath Longfletch--75%

Grath wins!

Hon Rosie--60%

Rake Nightfur--40%

Rosie defeats Rake.

Gurgan Spearback--40%

Young Dinny--60%

Dinny beats Gurgan.

Axtel Sturnclaw--66.67%


Axtel wins.

Round 4

And here we have the winners of Round 4! Just 2 more to go until the grand finale :D

Mariel Gullwhacker--57.14%

Cregga Rose Eyes--42.86%

Mariel wins.

Grath Longfletch--57.14%

Hon Rosie--42.86%

Grath beats Rosie.

Young Dinny--16.67%

Axtel Sturnclaw--83.33%

Round 5

The results are here again! :D

Grath Longfletch--100%

Axtel Sturnclaw--0%

Round 6

Now introducing the Grand Woodlander...

Grath Longfletch--75%

Mariel Gullwhacker--25%

...Grath! Wow, that makes both the Grand Woodlander and Grand Vermin Pearls characters. I think that says something XD I'll be posting the final championship (and later tournaments) in my User Blog, so pop on over:

Vermin bracket: Grand Champion: Vermin Bracket

--Reep Lightingflash - Yikes, and Away!!! 19:11, June 14, 2015 (UTC)