Gremmian is a black fox with a red scar running from his left ear to his right cheek. His eyes are a bright yellow. His body is sinewy and lithe. Around his neck is a carefully and skillfully made necklace of adder fangs. Gremmian usually wears a simple black tunic with a black belt. His weaponry is a long rapier and a boz of poisonous darts.


Gremmian was born into a family of red foxes, he being the only black and silver furred fox in his kin. At age 7 his family was killed in a fire that burned their home, leaving Gremmian and his sister Ariyah (Ari) the only survivors. Ari, who was only 5, died soon after. Gremmian grew up and became a thief, stealing items from the other woodlanders. He had a rule, and that rule was not to slay anybeast unless he was in danger. He later met a female red fox named Vulpia (play on words with vulpes, the Latin term for fox) and they had two children named Arita and Brevita, two twins.