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Griffon Lancaster
Basic info
Owner Neildown
Species: Opossum
Weapons: Spanish cup-hilted rapier; Aikuchi-style tantõ; 5 throwing knives.
Birthplace: The Northern lands
Faction: None
Stories In: None
RPGs In: None


His mother and father were originally from the northern areas, but both migrated southward seeking a better life. They eventually stumbled in upon the new regime that was being constructed and both became loyal subjects of the leader before Commodus [they passed away before Commodus came to reign]. Griffon was born to this couple along with 7 other siblings, and he also became a loyal subject. Growing up, he learned the harsh realities of having to fend for one's self, being the odd one in the community. This lead to his loner personality, which lead to honing many of his skills - the most prominent of which are his battle talent and climbing. As he grew in size he also grew in patriotism, becoming a fairly devoted subject of Commodus - not knowing of any corruption within the system. Although he is very devoted, he is not closed to reason, and he will go with whatever he knows to be right.


Eyes: Jet black

Fur: Natural color & pattern.

Body build: Natural.

Clothing: A homespun tunic of gray fibers; waist belt; leather breast-piece; coarse, dark-gray, hooded cloak;

Accessories: Wears an iron, cross-shaped medallion around neck; black kerchief.