Species: Stoat

origin: southern Mossflower woods 

Weapon: Broken old dagger, later a long, curved, pretty dirk

appearance: A humongous stoat, absolutely huge. He is very ugly, and his broad, hulking head is known by many. He would be a good match for a large badger, wildcat, fisher, or pine marten. His one fear is wolves. 

Personality: Very dumb, and very confident. he is cruel, and a complete vermin. He enjoys slaying, and is a cannibal. He has very little yellow in him, and he loves to fight.


Grippak was born in southern mossflower. He has since wandered around, randomly. He is in his middle seasons. He speaks in many languages, including Darrat tongue. He also speaks with a heavy accent. A typical sentance from him could be: 

"Me killyem alla da mices uvva h'abbey. Alla dem gitta slayed slowlike!" The translation would be:

"I'll kill all of the mice in the abbey. All of them will get slain slowly!". He has been thrown from many tribes, and enjoys eating squirrel, mouse, and shrew more than anything. He considers anybody who can't serve or feed him an enemy.