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An Example Of RPGing

Role Playing Games are a central part of The Redwall Wars Wiki (RWW) and can be a great way to meet other users, develop characters, and just have a blast! But first you have to learn the basics

What is an RPG?

An RPG, at least on this site, is a text-based game where you take on a character with whom you go on adventures with alongside other members of the Wiki. RPGs may be silly, dark, dramatic, action filled, and in some cases absolutely legendary all depending on which one catches your interests. The following sections will tell you exactly how to get started with this.

Getting Started

Finding an RPG

The Redwall Wars Wiki is host to dozens of RPGs that range from being a pack of mercenaries to saving Mossflower from an evil warlord and even just being silly and throwing a pie at someone's face and throwing logic to the wall. The easiest way to find an RPG is to look at the Active RPGs Page where you can find a list of currently running RPGs with a small description of what it is about. Another way is to see the Wiki Activity for any currently active RPGs, these will be the easiest to jump into as you will barely have to wait for the action to begin.

Another way is to look for any newly created RPGs as the maker will be working hard to get it going, not to mention if you can get into the story early on you'll have a better chance of enjoying the biggest and best parts of the RPG.

Tip: Never be afraid to just put yourself in the thick of an RPG and jump right in.

Making a Character

Your character in an RPG is the person(Or as it usually is on this wiki, animal) that you play through and use to interact with others. Normally in an RPG you make the character yourself, though in some cases a character from Redwall might be used, this can be a hard process for some and for others it is as easy as typing out your name. But regardless of your ability all Characters start out as a list of traits and characteristics written out much like this:

Name:(If you have difficulty a name generator might help)

Species:(Any species is allowed normally so long as they abide by the RPGs rules, and as mentioned before human is a rare sight here)


Appearance:(This can include: facial features, fur patterns, scars, tattoos, clothing, armour, physique, etc.)

Weapon(s):(Unless mentioned otherwise all weapons can be allowed, though most RPGs stick to Redwall's middle ages theme with some exceptions)

Personality: (This can be the hardest part for some people, but just as a tip you don't have to fill this out, you could just put "Find out" and let the character develop through your actions in the RPG)

History: (This is your character's past, as with personality you can just let this one develop itself over the RPG)

'Note: Some RPG makers may give you a character template which lists other details such as Eye Colour, Family, Affiliation, or place of origin. It is up to you what you want to list, but the above are the most basic details worth listing for people to get an idea of who is joining in.

Submitting the Character

Once you have completed making your character the next step is to submit him or her to the RPG maker through either posting the character template in the comments or sending him or her a message with that information. You then need only wait a small while for them to add them onto the character list.

The Rules of an RPG

Most RPG makers will have a small list of rules that are specific to that RPG and also usually remind you of the Wiki-Wide rules. These are usually along the lines of No Invulnerability, a max character limit, a ban on modern weaponry or excessive magic, things like this. It is in your best interest to abide by them as the RPG maker does own the RPG and can decide to remove you from the RPG for any violations, though Admins will always be sure that it is not unjust.


Now that you have found an RPG that suits your interests, made a character that you like, and had him or her added onto the character list it is time to start playing!

Making a comment

At the bottom of this page you will find a text box with which you can use to comment on this page, this is how we normally play, just enter an action that your character make and then click "Post Comment" and if you wish to respond to someone else's action you can either just enter a comment normally or click the reply button on their comment and respond to it there.

Specifying Actions: Normall on RWW when we want to make a character do something we will do one of three things 1. Put it in italics by putting two ' marks on both sides of the action. 2. Putting an Asterisk (*) on both sides of it or 3. Putting Parentheses ( ) around it. 

EXAMPLE: Character A unsheathes his sword and looks warily at Character B