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Holt Arrenhart
Holt Arrenhart concept.JPG
Basic info
Owner Neildown
Species: Wolf
Weapons: A short, thin broadsword [metal is colored black near the hilt and at the point]; Celtic Claymore [my own invention] - a long-handled broadsword with a Celtic Cross at the end; Short spear/pike; 8 iron throwers; Small, very thin dagger; Small dagger; Cross pendant.
Birthplace: Unknown
Faction: None
Stories In: None
RPGs In: None


None [until he starts making headway in off & on RP]


Eyes: Left is dark green. Right is turquoise.

Fur: Gray. Speckled black around the eyes.

Body build: Athletic, sturdy, sinewy.

Clothing: Wears a loose tunic garb [gray with black lining]; loose-fitting trousers [olive drab]; leather belt; thin leather waist belt; hooded cloak [dark gray]; flattened kettle hat with thin chin-strap. Accessories: Studded leather arm/hand strap on right paw; chest strap holding throwers and thin knife; chest/body strap holding Celtic Claymore sheath; travel pack; bag of coins.


In progress.