due to the comments of "Redwall wars is dying" and some of the hate blogs that have been showing up, i have come up with a possible solution to all our problems.

RWW has never been very tight about rules, and it's starting to lose it's spark... my alarms bells went off when articles about guns were being put up on here, which are of course, irrelevant to redwall.

our problem is that though most of us are joined by our love of redwall, nothing more.... even the role plays are beginning to veer off redwall.

and the redwall wiki is all about redwall education... there isn't much fun involved.

i make a notion to start on a new wiki.... i came across a warriors wiki under the title of warriors share wiki... it was where you could share your warriors art, warriors fan fics, and warriors fan cats....

how about we make a Redwall Fanshare Wiki: wiki dedicated to redwall fan art, redwall fan fiction, redwall role plays, and redwall fan characters.

if you are with me, add your signature and i have some roles we'll need.

who will create this wiki? (i would but i don't have time to be a founder)

Who will create the rules and keep everyone in order?

who will be admins? (the admins we have now aren't on enough to keep everyone in line)

Vote for a new wiki

-- MeeksMeeka is blank by RGP Liking People Is Bad For My Image 00:47, May 29, 2012 (UTC)

--Forest-F.FThe shadow slayers will come for you!! 04:26, June 19, 2012 (UTC)