(Born August 5th, 2015)

"Be an ally of shadow, as although it may seem an enemy, it is far better worth to be in alliance with darkness, than to be in its destructive path."

-Zwilt to Idunn, during his training

Idunn Jarl
Idunn Jarl
Idunn Jarl by TheTragedyofE
Vital statistics
Title Idunn the Ruthless (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Sable
Faction Ravagers (formerly), none currently
Health Good
Level N/A
Status Good, 17 seasons, has a nick out of his right ear
Location Mossflower Wood
Idunn Jarl is a male sable, and son of Vilaya the Sable Quean and Zwilt the Shade. From a very, very, young age, he was trained to be an expert tracker, spy, assassin, and overall living weapon. He has very soft, silver fur, and a fox-like tail. Zwilt taught him to use the Sword of Martin (then known as Amithatis) as his primary weapon, but mainly to "be fast, ruthless, and eventually, all will bow to you."

As he grew up, he looked through Redwall's (then known as Seftrors) old Abbey Records. Idunn then realized the truth: Vilaya and Zwilt are not the good, but they are evil and stole the Abbey from its residents. He then began to think, "If they are evil and I am born of them, trained by them, am I not evil? Could I ever truly be good?"

Zwilt told him to stop reading and focus on the training for the mission he'd been preparing for his whole life: killing Brang Forgefire and taking back Vilaya's father Armuk Rinn's famous silver steel battleaxe.

So, when he became fifteen seasons of age, he was given Amithatis and the otter slave Brook, a daughter of another slave, Reno, and niece of Sister Fumbril to cook for him. They traveled the River Moss, eventually making it to Salamandastron, where Idunn was surprised to see that Brang had died of old age three seasons prior, and Ambrevina Rockflash had become the next Badger Ruler. They were taken in with open arms, and once during the night, Idunn snuck into the armory to find Armuk's battleaxe, hanging high up on the wall. Ambrevina came in just as he was about to steal it, and he attacked her. After a long fight, Idunn knocked Ambrevina's broadsword away, seized the axe and pointed it and Amithatis at Ambrevina, and was about deal the killing blow when Martin the Warrior appeared to him and said, "Those who kill by my sword will die by my sword.". Idunn dropped them both at the same time, and ran off where only Brook found him, hiding in the Cavern Pool, looking at his reflection. He asked Brook, honestly, "Who am I?" to which she answered and said, "You are Idunn Jarl, and you are whom you choose to be."

Together, they left with Armuk's battleaxe, and returned to Seftrors, where a rebellion had sprung up and Zwilt and Vilaya had been killed, and the remnants of the Ravagers had no leader. Seeing Idunn, they rushed to safety, and all the rebel slaves thought they were to be executed by him, but instead of doing that, he ordered them to put down their weapons, even the Ravagers, and ordered the vermin to leave the Abbey and never come back. He told them that they were free and no longer would they be under oppression. When old Abbess Marjoram came and asked, "who are you?" he answered:

"I am no hero, for I have killed true heroes. I am the son of evil, yet am not evil. I been taught a lie the truth and truth a lie. I am not worthy of praise, for I am born of vermin. I am not welcome, nor should be, in such a wonderful and good place as this. I am neither truly good nor truly evil. I am unsure of what I am, but perhaps, someday, I may be forgiven of my crimes, and told what I am. Until then, I will wander from place to place, an outcast to vermin, and a killer to goodbeasts. Perhaps, maybe, our paths may cross again, in another life, in another world. Goodbye."

Later, in his search for redemption and forgiveness, he traveled south to Southsward, where he came across Lady Evalynne the White, who, reluctantly, led him, Tikus Swiftstream, and Vanora Galedeep, to The Burrow, the secret home base of the S.R.F. It was there that he, Vanora and Tikus joined and rose up the ranks to Commanders.