Jak Ceader
Parle-vous Français?
Basic info
Owner Corbus
Gender: Male
Species: Hare
Weapons: Quarterstaff
Birthplace: Gaul
Faction: N/A
Stories In: Corbus Quick-Blade, Where It All Began,Just Another Vermin
RPGs In: EotV


All that he has shared about his past is that he arrived in northern Mossflower with his family when he was young. After that he spent many seasons travelling the land and making maps of all of it.


Pure white fur with a small scar that rings around his neck and is barely visible. Usually wears a worn out blue military uniform that is much like the Long Patrol's. Carries with him at all times a small bag that contains gold coins from Gaul, he considers them to be worthless in monetary value but keeps them for his own use. He also usually has a sack on his back containing many of his maps and charts.


Is and excellent navigator with many maps of far off lands and all of Mossflower that he spent many seasons putting together. Will never leave an injured beast to die, whether it be woodlander or vermin. As such he has a small amount of medicinal knowledge. Keeps his past to himself, even to friends and loved ones. Whenever asked about Gaul he will remain tight lipped. Also because of Gaul he will speak a bit of Gaulish (French) from time to time. I will give translations in bold.