Joryk (Jorick) Anvin is a rogue wanderer, he's normally peaceful but the squirrel knows how to defend himself. He was born to Tulan and Kanor Anvin, a pair of wandering gypsies from Southsward. His childhood was peaceful until his tenth season, when Kanor unexpectedly vanished. Tulan and Joryk assumed the worst. Three seasons later, however, Kanor limped back into the drey with one leg broken. His father explained:

"I was caught by foxes and sold into slavery, I had to break my own leg in order to get out of the slave fetter I was put in; I knew if I didn't I'd never make it back to you or your mother."

Joryk has copper fur, dark blue eyes and a wiry build. He's skilled in paw to paw combat, carrying a simple dirk that doubles as an all-purpose knife. Since the incident his father told him about, he's decided to make it his duty to make sure nobeast grows up in chains.