Name Pronounciation: Kee-ath O'Railey

Species: Otter

Gender: Female

Age: 20 Seasons

Weapon: She wields a long, double-pawed claymore.

Appearance: Kiath has a tall, muscular build, dark brown fur, normally-emerald eyes and a heavy Highland accent. She wears a green tunic and a dark blue and green tartan plaid, her clan's colors. Her only accessory is a sword belt and scabbard she wears over her left shoulder.

History: Kiath was born in the Highlands. A wildcat enslaved her as a cub, and she suffered fifteen seasons in slavery under his lash and under his claws before she finally fought and gained her freedom. During her last four days in his compound, the vermin guarding the compound realized she suffered from the bloodwrath, brought on by their constant abuse and torture. Too late for them, because the few who realized it only had time to attempt to scream before she killed them.

Personality: Berserker

Motto: "Et es better tae die on yore footpaws than tae live on yore knees!"

Kiath is an ancestor of Tallion O'Rallaghaigh. Her sword later gets broken and reforged with a newer blade, a blade that gets passed on to Nightdeath after Tallion's death.

Appears in: 

1: User_blog:Llamao/A_Disappearing_Act_-_Reboot