Lady Sable Brock, commonly referred to as Sable, was a female badger, Tabura, warrioress, founder and General in the army referred to as the First Legion, co-founder and ally of the Rogue Crew, expert with the war-axe and attack sword, mate of Silverstripe, mother of Thene, founder of Brockhall, and head of the Brock family line.

She was born at an unspecific time in Redwall history, most likely before Bluestripe the Wild was born, in Mossflower Woods. Her mother, knowing her daughter's destiny, took her to the River Moss during the night of a terrible rain and lightning storm. The River Moss was flowing north at the time, so the babe Sable floated up the river deeper and deeper into the woodlands. She floated ashore that morning, and, knowing she was in utter isolation from her mother, called out to her. This alerted a vermin band of the young badgermaid's position. They surrounded her, and a ferret, Onetooth, mistakenly threw his hatchet at her. It missed, but she, to her surprise and the surprise of the vermin, she picked it up and wielded it like a battleaxe. She hacked at the currently unarmed ferret's leg, causing him to fall backward and scream in agony. His rat friend, Skrinn, tried to help him, but tripped over the badgermaid, and fell on his spear. The band fled for their lives after that, and Sable realized after that, she was alone, completely and utterly alone.