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Lily O'Hare (also known as Lily Hare) is a black hare with white spots on her legs, paws, chest and snout, with one white ear and one black ear. Her eyes are a blue color, with green and red specks here and there. Her eyelashes are very long, making her eyes look hooded over. Lily is usually seen wearing a simple red tunic with a black and white striped belt, with black designs sewn onto her tunic collar. She usually has her headfur tied up in a ponytail, held together by a paw-made black, red, and white bracelet. Lily prides over her looks, always making sure her nose is well shined before going out for morning patrol at Salamandastron.


Despite the fact that she is sweet, caring and at some times, ditzy, Lily can be a real force to reckon with when provoked. In the Long Patrol she is known as 'Spitfire' for her feisty attitude. Most times she is a sweet and caring haremaid who wants what is best for her mates. Just don't get on the wrong side of her!


Lily is remarkable with a broad sword, and bow and arrows. She was also trained by a boxing hare and is a well known boxer at Salamandastron. She often uses her wit and knowledge to fool ignorant vermin.


Lily's parents were slain by vermin. Lily was very young then, with only her infant brother Neal to keep her company. Sadly, Neal passed away in the brutal winter in Mossflower. Lily gathered up her clothes and what little food she could find in their home and set off for Salamandastron. Granted, she was a little young to know about the great Fire Mountain, but Lily had heard stories of the great Badger Lords and marvelled them. The badger lord at the time, Lord Rockstrong, took Lily in and trained her to be a warrior hare. Lily caused a lot of mischief, such as pilfering food from the kitchensor breaking weaponry, but in the end, Lily learned the ways of the Warrior and became a shining example of a female Long Patrol Hare.