This is a tale of two unlikely comrades-in-arms based on a long going rp between me and Raisin



It was a drear day, like as any other under the lash of the cruel tyrant Razkhaan the Merciless. The young hare wet parched lips with a dry tongue as he leaned on his pick. The raging sun beat down angrily upon the tired workers, but still they had to work; work or die. He wiped a dusty paw across his brow, glancing around to make sure none of the guards spotted him resting. He was weary and his paws were blistered. His eye caught the movement of a heavyset rat guard, wielding a whip. Their eyes met and the young hare's paws clenched and his eyes flashed with hatred. The rat smiled and made his way through the other slaves quickly.

"Yew there! Don' pretend I didn't see that look yer give me! I'll lay yer scrawny 'ide open!"

He raised the whip. The young hare's cold blue eyes met his fearlessly and he spoke through gritted teeth.

"Y'll not do that, because y' bloomin' well know that I'll kill y' if'n y'get close enough t' swing it. Ye killed m'pater, an' I'll do the same t' ye the first bloody chance I get."

Being the coward he was, the big rat couldn't hold eye contact with the brave hare. He stepped back, a glint of fear in his small eyes. He turned around bad temperedly and struck a passing mouse slave.

"Werk harder, yew lazy filth!"

The young hare lifted his pick and returned to his work, but a spark of hope had begun to spread among the slaves that had seen.


The young rat hurried down the passage he was in in the castle of Lord Razhkaan, carrying a cheese. He couldnt' afford if he was caught and he quickly made his way deeper down into the lower parts, the forgotten parts of the place. Finding a good spot to eat in peace he sat in a corner of a forgotten room and started to eat at the cheese. He was a good thief and he had to be to survive in a place like this one. He bit into the cheese then went into his store and took out some ale and bread which he had hidden earlier. He set himself a meal. He could hear the busy noises of the castle kitchens and smiled, thinking about what else of good food he could get from there. They were so mindless and forgetting that he was the best thief in this part of the country, even at nine seasons old. He did want to get out of this place someday when he was older but he couldn't go on his own right now, so he would wait until the time was right.