This is a list I'm composing to refer to in my making of a community picture of all the currently active members. Each user can enter one character each [this does not include alternative accounts].

{C}When creating your character, make sure you headline the character's name. (Put === before and after the character's name.) Also, please follow the criteria below, unless you wish for me to improvise details. Put your username after your character name too (link to your userpage is optional).

  • Name:
  • Species:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance: [feel free to add lots of detail. Details can include eyes, fur, & *body build]
  • Clothing:
  • Weapons:
  • Accessories: [earrings, bracelets, flute, key, bag, etc.]

Enter Below

Miles Stripefang

  • Species: Badger
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: No pupils (yes, no pupils) Fairly young.
  • Clothing: A red, plaid, kilt.
  • Weapons: Longbow, Dagger.
  • Accessories: none

For a better reference go here:

Neildown (Neildown)

  • Species: Otter
  • Gender: ♂
  • Appearance: Gray eyes; Natural brown-gray color & pattern; slightly taller than normal, with good upper body strength;
  • Clothing: Dark gray tunic; Gray pants; Four-point body strap with a sword sheath at the left hip.
  • Weapons: Long-handled shortsword; Brass knuckles.
  • Accessories: None

Segalia Riverstorm (Segalia)

  • Species: Otter (1/2 river, 1/2 sea)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15 seasons old
  • Appearance: Tannish/light brown fur; blue, with flecks of green and gray, eyes; no headfur or extra hair; slightly muscular and average height
  • Clothing: A simple tunic of solid colors (red, green, blue etc.), a simple belt of a solid dark color (black, brown etc.) with a dagger, often wears a cloak of a solid dark color (black, green etc.)
  • Weapons: Longbow, red-fletched arrows in quiver, previously mentioned dagger
  • Accessories: None

Jerrak (Jerrak Aglareb)

  • Species: Fisher
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Green-brown eyes, natural fur colouring and pattern, tall and lean, body criss-crossed with scars
  • Clothing: A kilt in his clan tartan, two leather crossbelt's over his torso
  • Weapons: Two short broad bladed swords
  • Accessories: None

Thornclaw Braveheart (User:Thornclaw Braveheart)

  • Species: British Stoat
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 44 seasons
  • Appearance: Green eyes, dark brown fur, several arm and face scars, a walrus mustache and short beard. Is tall, but thin.
  • Clothing: White tunic and metal-plated vest, leather breeches, a belt across waist, and two across chest. Also has a hooded, camo cloak. Also wears a metal gauntlet on the right paw, with two crossed swords as the emblem on the wrist.
  • Weapons: Immense Zweihander, assorted daggers/knives in belts, and a longbow worn on back (doesn't have to be in the pic).
  • Accessories: A simple pouch on waist belt and Zweihander scabbard on back.

Corbus Quickblade (User:Corbus)

  • Species: Least Weasel
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Brown fur covering most of his body with the exception of a patch of white stretching from his chin to his underside and inner sides of his legs and a patch of it at the tip of his tail. A good build but short with brown eyes, the left being covered by an eyepatch with a green leaf on it.
  • Clothing: A steel cuirass(Think of the chestplate musketeers wear) and a belt.
  • Weapons: A steel scimitar and dirk.
  • Accessories: A bronze medallion hanging from his neck by a chain with a trident on it.

Genghis Jaw (Llamao)

  • Species: Fox
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 32 seasons
  • Weapons: He wields a dirk and a scimitar, but his skills lie with his three throwing daggers, which he holds in his belt. Genghis can easily adapt to new weapons, and due to his throwing accuracy, he can use a javelin and a spear quite well
  • Appearance: Genghis is an average sized, if not a bit lean fox with mostly reddish orange, thick fur, save on the tip of his tail, where the fur becomes black, and his underbelly, which is cream colored. His lower jaw is twisted at an odd angle, making it appear that he is putting on a gruesome smile, hence the name Genghis 'Jaw'. The tattoos on his face and snout from a clan that he left long ago are faded, rough markings that never quite disappeared
  • Clothing: He is dressed in a slightly sinister hooded cloak with a belt around his waist. This is a good asset for camouflage, as well as to give him a more intimidating factor
  • Accessories: A wristband that has the emblem of a bloody eagle on it, which was the sign of the pirate gang he had been a part of

Gandr Adderbane (Gandr)

  • Species: Squirrel
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Abnormally tall, light build, reddish fur and green eyes, and wears a dark green tunic. Only armor is steel vambraces on arms.
  • Weapons: Long black quarterstaff, with a short curved single-edged blade on one end. Google "Ashandarei" for examples.

Bluestripe the Wild (Bluestripe the Wild)

  • Species: Badger
  • Gender: ♂
  • Appearance: Large, even by badger standards; Has normal badger coloration with the exception of his blue stripe where most badgers have a white stripe; Has brown eyes; Has red, blue, and yellow tattoos covering his body from his slave days; Has scars all over his body.
  • Clothing: Wears a dark green tunic over chain mail with a broad-buckled belt around his waist. He has a leather strap that crosses his chest which he wears to carry his sheathed greatsword on his back.
  • Weapons: Greatsword, forge hammer, and a single-headed meteor hammer

Meeka Swiftblade (Riftgard Princess)

  • Species: Pure ferret
  • Gender: female
  • Appearance: White fur and blue eyes.
  • Clothing: a pale grey blue short sleeved tunic with navy blue and sky blue long sleeves attatched to the short sleeved shirt. wears a sky blue belt and pale grey plue tattered jean shorts
  • Weapons: two twin daggers (are attatched behind her on her belt in an x)
  • Accessories: two gold earrings on her left ear and a gold tailring. greyish pink bandages on her wrists and feet.

Eyegrim (User:Eyegrim)

  • Species: Monitor Lizard
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye color:Ruby-red
  • Place of Origin: Jungels far across the southern Sea
  • Appearance: Larger than most reptiles, with dark brown scales witch are criss-crossed with scars, ruby-red eyes that seemed always to glow with suppressed anger and the mighty muscles Eyegrim offers one awe-inspiring sight.
  • Clothing: He wears a suit of armor made of black steel that coveres him from neck to tail. His helmet is adapted to his head and let out of his nostrils, eyes and lower jaw nothing free.
  • Weapons: Double- Handed Scimitar, Spear with a Tip of Obsidian, Natural Defense
  • Accessories: 7 Necklaceses made of the teeth and claws of his slain enemys.

Lord Rosethorn (Lord Rose Thorn)

  • Species: Badger
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: He is the tallest and the most masculine Badger any have ever recorded in the history of Redwall. His eyes are fierce and forbidding as they make spineless beasts shudder with a single thought of their appearence. He is bigger than normal fully grown badgers, Green eyes, Wears the Thorn Armor with a red and green cape with a small Rose clasp as well as the Mask of the Rose. Even though he is very intimidating he often shows his genlter side to his family and friends.
  • Clothing: Underneath his armor he wears a simple Green Tunic with a black Leather belt
  • Weapons: Twin Swords of the Rose, Spear named Oath of Roses, Whip named Punish By Thorn.
  • Accessories: The Mask of the Rose, and the Rosetalian Royalty Bracelete.

Nikolai Banks

  • Species: Mouse
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye color:Light sea blue
  • Appearance:Niko is an avrage height mouse, he is 2 inches taller than the other mice but he is very warm hearted. He also has natural color fur more likely ginger color also wears a green habbit or a light brown and blue.
  • Weapons:Niko carries sevral kinds of weapons from knives to daggers and long swords to bow and arrow set or anything else he can use against his enemies.


  • Species: Otter (half sea otter, half river otter)
  • Gender: female
  • Appearance:
  • Eye color: one eye blue, the other eye blazing red with bloodwrath
  • Fur color: fur's short and reddish (mahogany) brown, except for head and neck, which are a lighter brown in color, almost sandy-brown, and a strange auburn birthmark on tip of rudder.
  • Body build: tall, lean yet muscular
  • Clothing: Green and black checked kilt. Tan sandals. Green tunic. Silver breastplate emblazoned with a gold star.
  • Weapons: sling and stones, double-pointed otter javelin, longbow with green and silver-fletched shafts, silver hilted dirk, assault rifle
  • Accessories: gold coronet on head set with a single, large emerald stone in the center (round emerald).

Notch Grayfur

  • Species: Mouse
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Pale gray mouse with heavy lidded blue eyes and a thin smile. Wears a black knee length tunic with purple zigzag patterned trim on the hems. Wears a white sash and a white cowl hood over her head.
  • Weapons: A dagger with a blue pommel stone tucked into her sash. Also carries a wooden javelin with one sharp end that she uses as a staff.


  • Species: Fox
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: A tall, stocky fox with the typical reddish fur. Her eyes are hazel; and she wears a pale green tunic with a brown belt, and a darker green cloak. She wears her broadsword tucked into her belt.
  • Weapons: Broadsword, spear.

Guardine del Fuego

  • Species: Mouse
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Sandy brown fur, dark brown eyes average build and height
  • Clothing: Light blue tunic and dark blue cloak with silver pin with a ruby in the center
  • Weapons: Scimitar
  • Accessories: [earrings, bracelets, flute, key, bag, etc.]

Gruith Grangil

  • Species: Fox
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Gruith is musclebound, tall, red and black fur, with green eyes.
  • Clothing: Black tunic and scarlet cloak
  • Weapons: Twin Battleaxes, and a broadsword
  • Accessories: [earrings, bracelets, flute, key, bag, etc.] A sack and vambraces.

Tidelo Riverwake (DaPhishGuy)

  • Species: River Otter
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 15
  • Appearance: Slender, but strong. Young and unscarred.
  • Clothing: Simple brown tunic.
  • Weapons: Sword

Martin II

Visible only as a black cloaked wraith with an "M" for a face, lurking somewhere in the background...


  • Species: Otter
  • Gender: ♂
  • Appearance: Pale silvery eyes; Dark brown, almost black fur; sOf average height and well-toned muscle;
  • Clothing: Forest green knee length tunic, two belts crossing in an X across chest and back in which he sheathes his Scottish broadsword, and another belt around waist.
  • Weapons: Scottish broadsword, dirk
  • Accessories: None

Stan (StanLee4ever)

Name: Stan
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stan is a young 14 year old boy, he's an avreage looking boy, cute puppy nose, sparkly eyes, messy fur. He's tall for his age, but this is a great atvantage.
Clothing: He usally wears a rag for a type of coat, and some sandals and torn up pants.
Weapons: Batons
Accessories: He is rarely seen with a small hat, sometimes he is really muddy from playing around in the grass.

(Bartholomew Waltscallow)

  • Species: Hare
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Tall and lean with light-brown fur and electric-blue eyes.
  • Clothing: A dark-blue uniform with brass buttons and a light-leather belt around his waist.
  • Weapons: A sabre thrust into his belt.

Selound (Selound)

  • Species: fox
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Appearance: turcoise eyes, orangeish fur with a white secondary fur. Paws, foot-paws, tail tip, and ears (right ear has a rip) are black. Long headfur that reaches past her back.
  • Clothing: a sleeve/strapless dress that reaches past her knees. The top part of her dress that goes past her chest is darker than the bottom part, and has a lighter turcoise middle section with a light blue line on both sides. The very top and very bottom of the top part of her dress has a darker fringe. She also wears a dark turcoise band around the upper part of her right arm. She also wears a turcoise bandana over her head, and a turcoise cape that goes past her back and below her headfur. She also has a silver earring on her left ear, and a string necklace with three blue gems.
  • Weapons: a concealed dagger, in which can't be seen
  • Accessories: her necklace, cape, bandana, and earring
My Mattimeo chars by Selound

pic ref, so you can know what she looks like better

Burg the Weasel (Burglebuber)

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Age: middle seasons, 30-40

Appearance: Brown fur, like a least weasel. he is large, somewhat muscular, but still sorta lean. He wears a blue tunic, with a white undershirt. He has a belt, with his trusty rusty cutlass. He has poisoned daggers hidden in his vest.

Weapons: Cutlass, poisoned daggers

Accessories: A golden earring on his right ear, his back is scarred from a wound in a fight with crows

Wedgeback (Wedge)

Species: Stoat/ermine

Gender: male

Age: roughly 22 seasons

Apperance: Sleek gray fur, dead black eyes, very lean, wears a white hooded coat with a green tunic underneath

Weapons: Cane, Spear, dagger

Accssesories: Covered with gashes from a fall into a thronbush, carries a satchel for his rations