Lord Rosethorn
180px-Older Rosethorn by Jump
Basic info
Owner Lord Rose Thorn
Gender: Male
Species: Badger
Weapons: Twin Swords of the Rose, Spear named Oath of Roses, Whip named Punish By Thorn.
Birthplace: Rosetalia
Faction: Theralious Rosaline(Birth Parents), Skipper Wavecrester, Perla and Roughtide(Adoptive Family)
Stories In: The Badger and the Rose,A Scholar's Rage
RPGs In: The chamber of Affinity, Arena: The RPG,Thieve's Guild,A New Home,Islands of No Return,Rise of the Prinnies,

Lord Rosethorn is my main character I can relate to the most. He appears in my Fan Fiction: The Badger and the Rose on Redwall wiki.


Rosethorn was orphaned by The Seven Sinister Systems of Death including Gallette Gortus who was one of their members. Rosethorn was adopted by Skipper Wavecrester and his wife Perla while taking refuge in a cave during a severe storm. The two Otters accepted him into their family when Rosethorn killed an Adder with his bare paws before it could do any harm to Roughtide the infant son of Skipper Wavecrester and Perla. Together they traveled to Redwall Abbey and stayed for a season or two. Rosethorn was bestowed with his main weapons The Sword of the Rose which is a pair of completely identical swords by an old Hare named Burrpaw the only living relative to Burrbob who resides at Salamandastron. Rosethorn has defeated most of those who made him an orphan and is really close to finishing off the vile organisation. Rosethorn is married to Sister Alleria who was Redwall Abbey's Healer who is now Lady Alleria Badger Lady of Salamandastron and has three adorable Badger Babes Thorn, Slimblade, and Rose.


He is the tallest and the most masculine Badger any have ever recorded in the history of Redwall. His eyes are fierce and forbidding as they make spineless beasts shudder with a single thought of their appearence. He is bigger than normal fully grown badgers, Green eyes, Wears the Thorn Armor with a red and green cape with a small Rose clasp as well as the Mask of the Rose.


Rosethorn is a brave and just ruler, he can be nearly unstoppable in battle and has yet to find an opponent that can best him. He is very wise thanks to the Mask of the Rose. He is incredibly stubborn at times and always stands up for what is right. He is incredibly brutal in the battlefield never allowing a single foe to escape unless he believes he can benefit from it.