Michiko Vaidrin

Michiko Reijiro Vaidrin1

Michiko Vaidrin, drawn by Wildy

Name: Michiko Reijiro Vaidrin

Name Pronounciation: Meechko Ray-jee-roh Vay-dran

Species: Mink

Gender: F

Weapons: A double-pawed katana sword and tanto dagger

Appearance: Tall and muscular, with dark brown eyes and silver-blue fur, Vaidrin wears a red tunic, a dark blue obi sash tied around her waist and her black and silver samurai armor.

Personality: Shrewd and devious, Vaidrin is willing to do anything to stop a corrupt empire from taking over. When making a kill, the mink secretly admires how beautiful their splattering blood looks on the ground.

Personal Background: Vaidrin was born to a former general, a mink named Kiyoshi Vaidrin and his mate, Akemi. She was raised with them all her life, but upon finding out about the inhospitality and force the enemy army was using, she switched sides. It wasn't without personal cost to her, because Kiyoshi was executed the night after she defected.

Preferred Weapon: Her katana

Appears In: (Was to appear in The Golden Horizon)

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