I, Thornclaw Braveheart, created this so that people can make fun of modern Redwall songs, books, and movies by using songs, books, and movies from the real world. Just look below for ideas.


I Am The Badger Lord by The Beetle Hares

Eat It by Michael Feedbag Jack's Son

The Unforged by Metallic Swords

Back In The Land Of Ice And Snow by The Beetle Hares

Rosey in the Sky With Diamonds by Martin

Wall around Me - Redleaf

Fenno with the Spingo - ROC

Can't get enough of you Abbey - Smash Mouse

Animal I've become - Vis-Ka's-Mace

Grimy Good pie - The Redwaller Jumps At Us

Know Your Vermin by Green Guosim

Through the Mountain and the Patrol by Badgerforce

It's The End Of The Abbey As We Know It (And It Is Fine) by Repulsive Ermine Males (REM)

We are Slavers by Slagar's Gang

Final Invasion by Cluny The Scourge


Hairy Otter by J.K. Walling

The Lord of the Kings by J.R.R. Talkin'

Chasing Vermin by Blue Badgerette & Bread Hugoquist

Little Abbey in the Big Woods by Laura Seagull Wilder

Dark Day in the Deep Sea by Hairy Rope Otterborne

The Chronicles of Cluny by Cluny Lewbrook


Sleeping Cluny

The Rat

The Mouse, The Rat and The Sword