Musk the Nomad was Born in Holt Stormblight, a small Otter Holt located far north near the mouth of a great sea. However, at the age of Nineteen seasons, Musk left her home for good, instead left to wander uncharted terrain alone.


Musk was born to Monadun And Tuye Stormblight. She was the niece of Skipper Arvel, thus her Father was the Skipper's brother. Musk never really got along with her Uncle and cousin; she was angry that Her Father wasn't the Skipper, since he was the stronger of the two brothers. Even when she was a cub, she showed distaste in Arvel.

The ottermaid was always trying to out-do her cousins. She felt that by becoming stronger, she could show just how much better her side of the family was. Although she didn't suffer from Bloodwrath, she easily rose among the ranks in Holt Stormblight.

However, when she was Nineteen seasons, Musk lashed out at her uncle, unable to control her actions. Due to this, she was exiled from Holt Stormblight, never to come back again. Monadun managed to give his daughter a family heirloom, though; The skinned fur of a wildcat, killed by Musk's ancestor. To this day, Musk Stormblight now goes as Musk the Nomad, left to wander uncharted terrains alone.