Mycroft was a male kestrel, and a member and leader of the Sons of Brock. He and his friends that make up

Vital statistics
Title Leader of Sons of Brock
Gender Male
Race Kestrel
Faction Sons of Brock
Health good
Level N/A
Status Leader, Assistant
Location Mossflower Country
the group reside in Brockhall, using it to stash weapons and food. They are in reality a band of eight, but since they use guerrilla tactics, they seem like thirty. He was born into the Maceldowney family of kestrels, (a very famous clan of kestrels, in fact) in the mountain of Kuldemyrne, which lies west of Mt. Icetor. It was during this time that the hares of Salamandastron fled to the Northern Mountains, most of them deciding to make a home in the Northern Mountains. He hatched on the night of the hare's arrival, and a wounded hare told his family that his father's name was Mycroft, and the name stuck.

After maturing, Mycroft headed south to Mossflower Wood, where he formed the famous group Sons of Brock. He has been fighting for the protection of the innocent, the frail, and powerless since then.

After the liberation of Mossflower Country, he and the Sons of Brock moved to Redwall Abbey, where he met a female kestrel named Thira with a thick Highlands accent, who would later become his mate. He then became a kitchen assistant, an assistant Cellarkeeper, and assistant Gatekeeper. As Thira says:

"He's tah smart nae tae be doin' anaethin', but e's tah dumb tae be anaethin' mae than an ahssistant."

Appears: Rise of the East, They Come Together

First Appearance: Rise of the East

Other: They Come Together

Weapon: Beak, talons, shortsword

Owner: Snowstripe