By ArchangelSpiritHealerEdwards


          Nevermore had I had such dark dreams,
          Of past presence looming over me,
          All things bad and good join together as one,
          Conquering this world which was once ours,

5         Nevermore I looked into the water and saw something strange,
          A person of my past appeared before my very eyes,
          Telling me of my destiny and what is yet to come,
          I have only heard once of such stories,

         Nevermore I watch weak as the sun gleams upon me,

10       Leaving me breathless and parched,
         The Spirit inside me is trying to let go,
         The fight for my destiny has again faded,

        Nevermore I speak and my voice lost its echo,
        My eyes have glued shut and my legs cannot move,

15      I lie in the midst of darkness my heart slowly stopping,
        My destiny was all a lie,

      Nevermore will I see the day of my loved ones smiles,
      Nor will I feel the breath of that one true person,
      My destiny abandoned me with nothing left,

20    The one who I seen in the water was me…And now—I sleep