(born 2-27-2012)

420px-Dalanora by Jump

Nightdeath, plotting her revenge, done by my friend Jumpovermoon. Thanks Jump!

Name: Dalanora Maccoinneach O'Rallahaigh (Mackenzie O'Railey)

Nickname: "Nightdeath"

Gender: Female

Species: Otter

Age: Adult

Place of Origin: A holt in the far northlands

Weapons: Dirk, Twin Claymores, Teeth and Claws

Personality: Dalanora's kind hearted to mates, but has a tendency to be cold hearted and sadistic in battle because of her past: The horrific and traumatic loss of her loved ones left the otter with the bloodwrath.


Eye color: Dark green (on right side), the other eye's blind.

Fur color: Black, except for tan splotch covering back of head, it makes her look like she's wearing a tan executioner's hood.

Nightdeath is a tall, muscular otter. She's attractive, but has a long, deep scar running across the left side of her face from her forehead, across her eye and cheek down to her chin, the scar stops just before reaching her neck. She keeps her blind eye covered by a musselshell patch. She wears a red tunic and blue vest with a weapons belt slung over her shoulder.

Back Story: Dalanora used to live in peace in a little holt on the Northeast coast with her beloved husband Tallion and their four baby kits, sons Jir and Varon and daughters Driana and Acair. Her family was slaughtered in cold blood in front of her eyes when she was captured and enslaved. Seeing this twisted her mind from the kind beast she used to be.

Dalanora lost her eye in the battle while trying to protect her family, a fox named Sharaddan hit her in the face with his cutlass while she was standing in front of her babies. (an earlier draft of her biography had her hit with an axe, but a cutlass blow, pulled right, would be more likely to leave a beast alive) While the otter was down on the ground screaming and helpless in agony, her kits were murdered. After two seasons serving as an oarslave on Sharaddan's galleon, Dalanora seized her chance, went berserk with bloodwrath, killed every vermin aboard and made her escape.

"Nightdeath" is Dalanora's battlecry and she adopted it as her nickname. She goes by her nickname far more than she does her real name.

She's the daughter of Malcolm Maccoinneach.

Appears in: The Bloodwrath Battles, We Happy Few