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Yes. This is my first RPG. I hope this'll work well.

Vuron the Silver is said to be the descendant of Plugg Firetail. Unlike his ancestor, a searoving beast, Vuron is a slaver. He and his band of ragtag vermin have captured a bunch of creatures, woodlander and vermin alike. He takes them to a town far off in the east. A place called Rilkwood, to be sold.

The slaves are a determined bunch, however, and they manage to escape. They run through Mossflower, lost and hungry, the only beasts that they can trust now is each other, but can they?

And meanwhile, while the slaves are on the run, Vuron is hard on their tails, seething in anger.


  • Follow the protocol.
  • Up to two characters are allowed per person.
  • When you make a character, you get to choose from an escaped slave, a vermin in Vuron's horde, or an outsider.
  • Don't Godmode.
  • Oh, and I know that every other beast's grandaddy says this, but have fun! AND I MEAN IT.

Yes, the title is also the title of some book series. My bad, but my mind wasn't just functioning right enough for a creative title.


Played by Jump

Name: Shell

Species: Otter

Role: Escaped slave

Appearance: Shell is a dark sea otter that has hazel eyes. She wears a tattered blue dress and a necklace made of shells. There is a manacle around her left wrist.

Personality: Shell is independant and strong, though she can get emotional easily also, that does not mean that she cannot fight. She has average fighting skills from living with the Rogue Crew. She tends to have great teamwork skills, but she does prefer the comfort of being alone from time to time. Shell is a gifted speaker, and she tries hard to "lead" her fellow woodlander slaves, but sometimes she wonders why as she is unexperienced as the rest of them. She looks up to an older squirrel slave named Glenno for advice.

History: She used to live on the northern shores and lived with the Rogue Crew. She learned the basic use of the sword and javelin from her father. One day, Vuron and his horde, who were passing by with their salves, captured Shell who was out alone on the shore gathering clams. She traveled with Vuron and the others until they reached Mossflower. She managed to escape with the others when Vuron was distracted by an attack from a vermin gang.

Name: Vuron the Silver

Species: Fox

Role: Slaver and Horde Leader

Appearance: Vuron is a silver fox with a white underbelly and faint orangeish markings around his pale blue eyes. He has a long tail that he brushes once in a while. He weras a ruby red longjacket with a hood that wears over his head. The edge of the hood and the hem of his longjacket has purple trimming with vine patterns on it. He wears a simple brown tunic underneath with a black belt that has a multitiude of small throwing knives and pouches of darts thrust in it. He carries around a long blowpipe made from wood.

Personality: Vuron is cunning. He cannot be easily outsmarted as he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Whenever he makes a plan, he backs it up with a Plan B and even Plan Cs and Plan Ds. He loves to trick other beasts and when he does, he does it with gusto. Vuron is also nasty. He has quite a temper and can be easily provoked. He doesn't scream and yell. He rather hisses and growls and twirls his weapons about distractedly. He has trouble coping with stress no doubt. Vuron shows his cowardly side every once in a while but it is rare.

History: Vuron was born and bred in Mossflower to parents who were part of a horde of slavers. Vuron wanted to be like their leader, Wervik the Fleetfooted and trained daily, trying to get the ferret leader's atention. He grew up to be a strong warrior, but his comrades that envied him framed him for stealing and he was kicked out of the horde, beaten and bloody, escaping with his life. Yearning for vengeance, he decided to become stronger and slowly gathered his own horde. He became a slaver himself, collecting slaves and selling them at Rilkwood for provisions. His newest batch of slaves escaped while him and his horde were busy fighting off a gang of vermin that wanted the slaves for themselves. The enraged Vuron started chasing after the escaped slaves soon after destroying the vermin gang.

Played by Redmight

Name: Comet Flametail

Role: Outsider

Gender: Female

Eye color: Misty purple

Species: Red Fox

Place of Origin: The sea, she was born in the middle of a storm, no homtown

Appearance: She is a drop dead gorgeous vixen, her fur is of shiny orange, all of her paws are colored black and her ears too as well as the tip of her tail, she has tattoos of swirls on her shoulders, she has tattoos on her ears that when she lifts them up they look like butterflies. she wears an extravagant purple vest with a very comfortable short skirt, she has golden bracelets on her wrists

Weapons: a beautful purple scythe, engraved with swirls and flowers

Personality: She is a very kind and undestanding beast, she is quite charming and always playfully flirts with many beasts, Due to being completely blind she is a very perceptive beast and understands emotions extremely well, she can sympethize and understand to a very deep level giving her the ability to easily persuade or make a beast trust her. she always speaks with a very polite and sweet voice. in combat she is very ruthless and precise always making sure she kills with mercy and inflicts as less pain as possible. she is a very talented singer and dancer

Backstory: Unknown

Age: 26

Relationships: Razorclaw (Best Friend)

Family: Father (Dead) Mother (Dead)

Played by Corbus

Name: Doctor Nathaniel Kane

(Jump's note: I believe he is an outsider.)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Weapons: Many chemicals and poisons that he has found and made himself over the years that have a variety of effects upon the body. He also keeps a blowdart that he smears these on.

Personality: Knows much about medicines and treating injuries and has a natural skill in the subject that he inheirited from his mother and taught himself and can deal with almost any injury, illness, and even knows a little about psychology. While most foxes with this knowledge also tend to be superstitious he has found the sayings of seers and others claiming to be magic false and has usually gone out of his way to prove them wrong. He has also sworn an oath to help anybeast who is harmed, yet he has always saved certain treatments for the evil. Also after dealing with so many patients he has become a kind and sweet creature to those he is treating and always seems to cheer them up. After many years of being exiled he has grown distant from other creatures other than the sick and wounded he finds in the forest, who until lately have been far and few between. Yet with the new influx of creatures and factions even he is searching for a real side to aid with his knowledge.

Appearance: His eyes are a pale blue and his fur a dark red with the exception of his paws which remain a sickly grey colour due to the many herbs and other chemicals that have touched them. He usually wears a full face mask that keeps him from contracting any diseases from his patients. He also wears a heavy barkcloth apron that not only keeps him clean but is thick enough to stop arrows. from hitting him.

Back story: Born as the son of a healer and seer in a vermin tribe he was taught the ways of healing from a young age by her and took to it like a fish to water, he was more enthusiastic than his own mother on the subject. Once he reached the threshhold of her knowledge he began to learn for himself, experimenting with various herbs and creating many cures, and many more poisons on accident. After his first taste of battle he was apalled by it all and ran from the vermin he called family. From then on he lived in the deep jungles at the base of the Dragontail mountains, where ingredients were abundant and had yet to be found. Over the seasons spent there he has developed a reputation as some kind of mythical figure in the area.

Played by Wedgeback

Name: Redwolf

Species: Ferret

Former Slave, near death and is 9 seasons old armed with a spear