He's nuts!
Basic info
Owner Corbus
Gender: Male
Species: Squirrel
Weapons: Various Weapons
Birthplace: The western coast.
Faction: N/A
Stories In: Fit To Live
RPGs In: RotDL


Palagus used to be a captain of a trading vessel, loved by his crew and an excellent commander when battle came, yet he never fought himself. Because of his cowardice most others outside of his crew mould mock him for it, and he would not say a word about it. But one day he was stranded on an island, his entire crew killed in the wreck. The island was home to a tribe of vermin who chased him for many months, over these months his inner anger that had built up over the years began to speak for itself. As this voice grew louder Palagus began to fight back against the vermin, killing many of them. Eventually this voice truly began to take over, gaining a love for killing vermin. He began to wear his cloak and gather his blades so that he could hunt the vermin for fun, sometimes skinning them and adding their fur to his cloak if they proved a challenge. One day a ship was unfortunate enough to come across the island, as Palagus spotted it his original self came back, yet did not banish his less sane side. But he was able to keep his composure long enough for the ship to take him back to land.


His face and body can't be seen often, but he has a few scars over his body and is beginning to grey. Usually wears a dark cloak that hides his true appearance, it has been sewn and patched over the seasons by the furs of vermin he kills. His second side now finds this as part of his hobby and will gain interest in any creature with special fur markings.


Insane. He has two personalities: One side that is polite and does not respond much to insults. The other is just plain crazy, his senses are honed to a tip and he kills any vermin he sees. The second personality is usually in control, but the first can usually reason with him when he tries hard enough, which happens rarely. From his lighter side he has skills of navigation, repair work, and manners. But from his darker side he shows skill in blades, skinning, and stealth.