Alright, anybody here requested a character for an RPG that is a bear, and it's not allowed? Well, certain RPGs have considered bears unworthy of being used in an RPG! That's just animal racism, guys! Sign here if you think bears should be allowed in RPGs!

Sign here!


Vincent(the splendidly brilliant Bartholomew Billberry Bowstring)

Also, place a bear profile here just for the heck of it!


Species: Sloth bear

Gender: Male

Clothing: N/A

Weapons: Spiked war club (Sunflash-style)

Personality: A "stupid witless jungle bum" who is very lazy and fat, and obcessed with boxing. Hates tigers and monkeys.

Background: Nobody really cares about his background.


Species: Grizzly bear

Gender: Male

Clothing: Plaid kilt and neckerchief, and beret

Weapons: Switchblade, grappling hook, RPG-7

Personality: Likes to say, "pic-a-nic" often and is obcessed with food (like Baloo, see above). Has very low bass voice.

Background: Something that has to do with "pic-a-nics".


Species: Grizzly bear

Gender: Male

Clothing: Raccoon-skin belt

Weapons: Strenghth and a huge, barbed mace

Personality: Hates anything to do with raccoons, reptiles, hedgehogs, skunks, etc...(I think you've got the idea)

Background: He kills anybeast who asks