And now, a special broadcast from Marshank International!


About Badrang

Badrang the Tyrant is an ex-smuggler who eventually settled down to the estate of Marshank. There, he runs a mercenary company, Marshank International, and also sells what the Mossflower Times calls, "The finest, most epic grog in all the world." Badrang may not be as rich or as popular as other candidates this year, but with YOUR help, he can win this race and triumph over his nemesis, Independent Tramun J. C. Clogg. Badrang the Tyrant ran as an Independent in 2008 but lost the Floret Primary to Urgan Nagru. He dropped out and endorsed Vilu Daskar. He promises never to drop out this time.

Badrang's Policies

  • Badrang promises a new age of power for all citizens of Mossflower, especially with the relegalization of slavery. He says on this matter, "Slaves built Marshank, and they can build us all a new world to live together in harmony."
  • Badrang believes that health care is useless and all life-saving actions should be exchanged with poisoning of the suffering. He believes that those who fall, lose all.
  • On the subject of economy, Badrang believes that with the reintroduction of slaves, he can turn Mossflower's economy into a powerhouse of riches. He also believes that trickery is the best way to win in the game of politics and encourages politicians to lie their way to get what they want.
  • Badrang wishes to limit the freedom of mice, especially his rival, Democrat Martin the Warrior.

Badrang's Team

Badrang has yet to choose a vice presidential candidate, but is currently considering many of his supporters, Hisk and Skalrag, both senators from the Northlands.