Martin the Warrior is an honest, kind, brilliant warrior mouse. Martin has recently gave up his long career of a warrior briefly, for politics. He won the 1996 election as well as the 2000 one, and spent two terms in office as President and is now running again, since Mossflower rules don't have a limit to terms so long as it's only 2 consecutive ones. After dropping out of the race in 2004, he spent some time as the governor of Redwall Abbey and has been in congress many times. "Martin is a brilliant, young, responsible mouse.And he might have the stuff." Says the Blade Weekly. Martin is running against "Badrang's filth" and promises, safe, clean, unevil woods. The warrior mouse ran in the 2008 election with Badrang the Tyrant but also lost the Floret Primary to Urgan Nagru, as Badrang did also. His running mate is Gonff the Former Mousethief. His slogan is "I Am That Is; Peace For All."


  • Martin believes in war only when it is necessary. After his victory over Republican candidate Tsarmina Greeneyes in 1996, he has promised further peace.
  • Martin the Warrior believes in better economic stability with his new planned currency: The Blades and the Shields. Each Blade is worth 10 Shields.
  • Martin intends to begin a searching of Marshank, for it is commonly believed that Badrang the Tyrant has had illegal dealings as of late.