And now, a message from Seascarab Vittles:


About Tramun

Tramun Josiah Cuttlefish Clogg is an ex-smuggler who worked with such people as Badrang the Tyrant, and eventually spent two seasons as a member of the House of Representatives. After a brief clash with Badrang the Tyrant which ended in the brief imprisonment of both, Clogg began to run a restraunt, Seascarab Vittles, where he sold seafood and alcohol. He has recently resigned the post to his assistant chef Oilback, to pursue his dream career as a gravedigger. This is his first time as a presidential candidate.


  • Tramun believes that all citizens of Mossflower should wear clogs in public. The only non-capital punishment is gravedigging.
  • Tramun also believes that poisoning should be legal, as should slavery. However, he believes that 20% of all captives caught while raiding should go to him.

Tramun's Team

Tramun has yet to name a vice president or any other to a governmental post. The current owner of Seascarab Vittles, Oilback, is a possibility.