Vote for His Lordship if you want to stay out of Dark Forest!


-It is mandatory that all those who aren't otherwise useful must join the Long Patrol

-Hares will be declared a plant, and thus edible

-Vermin will will be eradicated from the face of Mossflower

-Any who oppose him will be crushed

-Those who become his personal toughs will get good salaries and less likelihood of being crushed

So be sure to vote by mail and then go to the polls to vote again for Lord Bluntwythe the Crusher!

In an interview by Tid Tiddlywinks, His Lordship said "At an early age, my psychologist told me the reason I dislike hares is the same reason I dislike spinach. Stringy and tasteless. But, to cater to those with other tastes, I will be declaring hares fully and truly edible."

Running mate: Bluestripe the Wild