Vote Cluny, for a mouse-free future!

Vote Cluny, for a mouse-free future!

Candidate: Lord Cluny the Scourge, He Who Has No Enemies, He Who Has Defeated Even the Joseph Bell!

Running mate: Scragg the weasel, newly-promoted Captain of Cluny's Army.

Lord Cluny's Promises

1. That our cake shall never be a lie again!

2. That he shall have more promises!

Lord Cluny's Laws

1. All who believe Cluny had a relationship with Cornflower shall die!

2. All who believe Matthias was a better developed character than Cluny shall die!

3. All who bear a name that begins with M shall die!

4. All who carry shiny swords forged from stars shall die!

5. All who voted for Cluny's presidential rivals shall die!

6. All seen wearing baggy green robes and floppy leather sandals shall die!

7. All who believe in anything besides Cluny's version of Hope shall die!

8. All who believe Cluny is being too harsh with his new laws shall die!

9. Getting your eyes torn out by pikes shall become a new event in the Mossflower Olympics!

10. The Mossflower Olympics shall be invented!

11. All able-bodied beasts shall immediately join Cluny's Army under pain of death.

12. Redwall Abbey shall forever be known as Cluny's Castle, and Mossflower, Ratland!

13. War good, Peace bad!