"Well, I know it may be far past Christmas, (Christmas? what's that??) but I feel that I need to give you a little present, as every other beast does. Merry Christmas Mossflower, I'm running for president." - Tsarmina in a Christmas video

Vote Tsarmina, for a woodlander slave in every home.

Her Promises

As President Tsarmina promises:

  • That any beast named Gingivere will be executed.
  • Any beast that's name begins with M shall be executed.
  • All vermin will be rewarded by receiving woodlander slaves as Christmas gifts.
  • All able-bodied beasts are to be drafted into the Thousand-Eye army.
  • Her official title will be Queen of A Thousand Eyes.
  • There will be no dripping-of-water sounds in all of Mosssflower.
  • All beasts who voted against her are to be executed.
  • And much,much, more!