Redwall Wars Wiki

As you know, this wiki is slowly losing it's life, so we must do something about it! I made this page for people to try to get people to get other people to join the wiki, I will give awards for people who get people signed up. Under your user name you may but the people you Recruited! If your user name is not on this page, then please add it.


Little help

Recruit 3 people

Helpful one

Recruit 5 people

Great help

Recruit 10 people

Super blogger

Create a blog that is so good that people come to play/read it.

Super help

Recruit 25 people

King of Recruitment

Recruit 100 people

More may be added.

Users who are helping


Recruited User:Sister Armel and User:Brockkers


Recruited User:Alana Daran, User:Card Jordan, User:Master of Arms, and User:Bass Eclipse


User:Lorgo galedeep

Umrag the Destroyer

Recruited: Zoso159, Gandr Adderbane, and Akash. B

Long Patrol Girl

Sister Armel

Bluestripe the Wild

Creator of the Redwall Wars Wiki and recruited many of the users here.

Lorgo galedeep


Snowpaw the Wild

Richard of the Flame

Recruited User:Bevo the Beaver (Unfortunately)

Pinedance Coneslinger

Helped recruit Hollyfire53



Helped Makura find it and I told him about it.


Joseph the Weasel

I hope I'm not intruding, but I shall ask random people on Deviantart and Redwall wiki to join.


Helped recruit at least Vermin King and possibly more.


Will try and help


Guess I helped Bloodstripe get here... My sister will join sooner or later.

Brigadier Barty And Biggs

Simultaneously recruited Snowstripe the Fierce

Princess of Mousetheives

I recruited Maeus1 and Waycaster.