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Salia is very slender and willowy. Her pelt is snow white except for her paws and tailtip, which are jet black. Her eyes are a beautiful sea blue with dapples of green in them, and are larger than a normal ferret's eyes. Her long headfur is pulled back into a tousled ponytail. Sometimes she picks a rose and places it in the band that holds her hair in place. She has a very sharp and pointed face, like most ferrets. She's prettier than most ferrets, and has a wonderful singing voice. She wears a purple tunic and black robe, her weaponry being a broadsword, rapier, dagger set, or a bow with arrows.


Salia is warriorlike, but is very friendly and caring. She is usually calm and collected. She prefers to plan things before doing them and is very organized. At times, she can be cold and sarcastic. But, she is mostly caring. Unlike most ferrets in Mossflower, Salia doesn't believe in slaying out of cruelty. She believes in fair fighting.


Salia was born on a tropical isle called Green Jewel in the middle of the beautiful Glass sea. When she was 13, she was seperated from her family and was put aboard a corsair ship captained by a One Eye, a stoat minus his left eye. She was an oarslave aboard the ship, but she escaped with the help of a squirrel named Treenut, two otters named Fishtail and Swiftriver, and a mouse named Rill. They escaped with their lives and sailed to Mossflower on a small lifeboat. They lived in a cave by the sea, eating shrimp, clams, and other seafood delicacies. Salia hardly remembers her parents' exsistence, only to see them one last time before One Eye knocked her unconcious.