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Rocca is a fat brown water rat and the wife of Chieftain Trikko of the Water Rats tribe, the Glukanee, of the River Moss. Her pelt is a brown color and her eyes are beady and black colored. Her underbelly is a tannish color. Her headfur is pulled up into a scrawny lump on her head, a bone poking through it. She wears a brown kilt.


Rocca is a bit of a nag and is always hitting Trikko on the head with her club. She is always insulting Trikko or any other beast of the Glukanee water rat tribe. During battle, she is cowardly, like all vermin.


Rocca's weaponry is mainly a large oak club with a rock going through a hole at the top part, earning her the name 'Rocca'. She also uses a bow and arrows or a spear. She usually uses her rock club to bash Trikko or any other water rat on the head with.